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99' Subaru Legacy GTB project


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Hey Guys


Ive got a 1999 Subaru Legacy GTB (ej208), The car is built from 2 different cars with a lower km motor inside. 

I got it for cheap  and it pretty rough, looking at some mods or tips on how to make this car fun but reliable and look the part

First turbo'd vehicle i have owned, and i do not know much about this motor, with all the vacuum and boost lines looks like fun

Ive heard changing the turbos is a good way to make these cars run nice


so far the on the list is:

Scarles Front mount intercooler kit and a GT2 600x280x76 intercooler

Gauges ( Boost, Oil Pressure, AFR)

Ideally some sort of Cold air intake

some nice 18x8 wheels and tyres

Full respray

maybe a body kit, RSK front bumper, or some lips of some sort?

New rear Garnish (As cracked and leaking water)



Things i have done already is 

HKS Turbo timer

Fluids Changed

Uniden immobilizer and alarm

Changed spark plugs ( Not the best to do )

RFRB Grille


 As I've said I'm fairly new to boosted Subaru's, so any advice would be great 









soob 2.JPG

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These are some of the things I did on my rev D (2001), your's looks like its an early rev C or late rev B
Hose 10 mod

rear sway bar

redo vac lines

re plumb BBOD

relocate boost solenoid

lower it (see if you can find some sti springs)

sti bucket seats

genome muffler (I also had some z/s dps, didn't make much difference)

re do silicon elbows under intercooler

clear side repeaters

fiddle with the ECV rod



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Just finished taking mine for a ride after doing the "hose 10" mod, Seems to be a bit more responsive, slightly higher boost 12psi on primary and 15 on secondary. Plus the added bonus of more whoosy noises 😄


Wth the STI Spring and seats, Which version did you get them out of? any trouble fitting seats, like i know modding seat rails needs cert and my car is a long way off going for cert




Cheers 🙂

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5 hours ago, wannabeboyracer said:

That'll be next on my list then 😁 after messing around with EVC rod. Thinking about maybe doing a decat on downpipes, just worried about overboosting, EGT's etc (Car has already had main cat ripped out). 



The Z/S downpipes I had were decatted and 2.5"(? maybe 2.25" - larger than stock) didn't notice any boost spikes on my RevD but YMMV

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