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Accidently drove on low coolant

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Hey guys

I haven't been driving my car much, maybe only once a week lately. I've been super busy with work and other things and totally forgot to check my fluids like I usually do every week or 2.

I took the car for a big drive, 2 hours the other night. I had not had the car out for a good spirited drive in a while so I was doing pulls and that. I was hearing this sloshing/water sound and had no idea what it was.

I checked my fluids this morning and realized my coolant was quite low! It was below the 2nd line by about 1 inch. I still had coolant in there but it was below the line.

I never had my temperature gauge go up or coolant light come on but I am a bit concerned at the damage I could have done during that time.

Is it likely to have caused damage or because I still had some coolant and I have not driven much I might be ok?

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Same answer as usual, you've killed it, replace engine immediately.


Do you understand the function of the coolant bottle?

How much coolant is in your radiator?

A much much better question if you're genuinely down on coolant would be "where is my coolant going" since it's a (relatively) closed system and losses even over several years should amount to very very little.

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