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Stolen: Toyota Hiace Super Custom 1998

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Hi there,


Hope you don't mind me posting a Toyota in this forum!


I had my van stolen here in Kapiti a week ago and I have finally obtained footage of the offenders vehicle. Unfortunately it has not captured the vehicles plates, however I will be able to narrow down possible leads if I can identify the make and model of this vehicle. To me it looks like a Subaru but could equally be a Lancer. I figure this forum might be able to help! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.





More photos








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+Thanks, See attached. Most unique features are the black upright bull bars, and white TRD sticker on the rear window


I know it's a longshot... but narrowing down a make and model will help Police with their intel search (they have been extremely helpful so far)




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It does look a lot like it has a bonnet scoop, despite the low resolution. I'd be looking for a black GC8 Impreza with replaced bonnet and front bumper. Mind you if it's had a new bonnet and bumper it might be a povvo non-turbo with turbo parts attached to it.

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