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Steering wheel won’t lock when key is removed

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Hello all just wondering how to fix this issue. 
basically the steering wheel locks when turned repeatedly in one direction, 

but on my vehicles it does not. 
Is there a part that can be replaced? 

I have a 1995 GF8 which had a steering rack replacement and more recently a 2000 BH9 which was stolen, but I got it back, and they’ve damaged the ignition. I’d like to restore it to factory lock as well with my wrx. Cheers. 




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Guess it isn’t listed as a part.

usually it a small plastic part wth a spring.

some cars it’s on the outside of the barrel and you can swap it over from another one.

Under 83141 the cap see the rectangle cut out in the main part. That’s likely where the bit that is damaged is.

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