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Hey all. I've been talking with a guy in england who says he has an STi gen 1 GT, and he's got a buggered ECU. I've heard about these STi GT's before, i use to know a guy who saids he owned one too, but i never knew if it was an actual STI, or the original owner kitted it out with STi parts. Anyone know more on the subject?

Anyway, it just happens that this guy's going to be in queenstown for the next 3 weeks, and i said i'd find him a new ECU while he's here. I'm just wondering if there's any differences with the ECU's, for example between years, such as pre and post face lift... Obviously it would be nice to find the best possible ECU. Maybe one from an RS-RA if they are different or something. So if anyone can enlighten me on the old gen1 ECU's that'd be great. I've sent him a link here too btw, so you might seem him online.

Also, let me know if you have an ECU available of course!

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Gen 1 series 1 run an 8 bit ECU.

Series 2 (Facelift) run a 16 bit ECU these are the main differences between BC/BF ECU's

The STI Gen 1 GT was a limited run of 200 vehicles, and came with an "STI" fettled ECU and TCU (transmission Computer)

The changes increased power by 20 horsepower and faster shift logic with the automatic.

Incedently, the only other GEN1 Turbo to have 220hp (165kw) was the A,B,C and D type RS type RA.

So if he can give you the numbers on his ECU case, they most likely will correspond with a C and D type 16 bit ECU.

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