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    I bet coming in tenth place really stung Kia....
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    That’s the feeling I’m getting too. I managed to cure the misfire on both these cars I worked on this week with just new plugs (the both had standard, not iridiums). On the first one I replaced just the orings to stop the external leak, I may call him back to chuck some crimp terminals on the stop the oil pushing further through. The second nicer one the guys elected to replace the sensors, i think I’ll do crimp terminals on that one too to future proof the job.
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    Count me in [emoji16] Sent from my TA-1024 using Tapatalk
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    Keen to meet at Avalon park tomorrow morning how many of us now?
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    I think it really just depends on the weather, if its raining or not sunny there is no way i am driving 1 and a half hours to stand in mud and watch burnouts hahaha.
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    For those not going to Masterton are there any local plans? The only spare part of the day for me is 6pm+ and then its too late for skids.
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    Found a place to stay, will be there all weekend!
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    to be strictly accurate it's not a ford engine but designed by achates power and may also appear in a chevrolet ! http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/01/2019-silverado-1500-to-use-2-7l-opposed-piston-engine-get-37-mpg/ will fans buy them ? they are resistant to anything with less than 8 cylinders. look at the dismal sales of the falcon turbo 4, mustang v6, camaro v6 this really is the golden age of the combustion engine. along with the achates, innovative tech like the nissan variable compression and mazda's compression ignition petrol engines will keep petrol alive. stuff your hybrids and ev's, it's a great time to be burning petrol !
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    Maybe we could meet by the Avalon Duck-pond at 10.45am on Sunday?? Matt
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    Unsure. They’ll work but reckon due to the LED placement right near the end they’ll have an even harder time than some of the other options out there for evenly spreading the light
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    yes @Invisible i did sort your one out. plus your whole loom had to be replaced. so the story here is the rear cam sensors start leaking internally and that oil travels inside the loom. how common? VERY. any Subaru with these rear cam sensors are prone to fail and leak internally. the most common one is the Impreza and Forrester, since these models have metal casing they get loose and oil travels inside to the loom. FIX. if in budget and no codes are thrown, simply pull out the sensors, thoroughly clean metal casing and make sure there is no oil residue. apply three bond sealer around the surface where the metal casing and plastic parts mates. wait for dry and install back. if the oil hasn't penetrated through harness enough than cut the harness plug and join wires using bullet connectors, this will ensure oil falls off (if it decides to leak again) through the connectors before it travels through. if not in budget and you have a deep pocket, than go ahead and replace the sensors. when the oil travels through the harness, the wires get hard and starts breaking internally. on operating temperature it can cause a lot of performance issues. best way to find this is to unplug the harness and check for any oil residue. if the is than change the harness and use bullet connectors on the cam sensors to prevent oil travel. ive seen a lot of these and 8 out of 10 of these vehicle had engine blow by. is the blow by cause of this? I cant be 100% sure.