2011 Forester head unit install

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Hullo kiddies!!


Our 2011 NZ new Fozzy's headunit is crapping out, as is the ancient Ipod which occasionally plays music, but only when it feels up to it... because Apple.




So we have acquired a Sony Double din unit like this one (clicky clicky!), because we like the one in the Leggy, and some new speakers to replace the factory units.


Anyway the speakers I can sort no worries, and the plug and play bits for the headunit to the car for power and speaker connections, was just wondering if anyone knows which wiring doohickeys we need to hook up the steering wheel controls?

We'd like to keep them working if possible.



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30 minutes ago, IZichard said:

Yeah I used the same adapter scratch linked to get the steering wheel controls going in my sisters Mazda. Worked a treat.


Have the same in mine too. Works perfectly.

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Awesome, thanks guys!


I did find the Aerpro one, but apparently no-one has it in stock, or at least no-one who would answer queries about it.:/


I'll give Wavetech a call about that one, bonus being they're in teh CHCH so I can probably make it to them after work, providing the road hasn't been dug up somewhere...9_9



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