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Znoelli brake pads?

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yup go to them direct - the give CS discount.

I used them on my four pots and they felt awesome as when hot, a little hard when cold and a little dusty.

definately worth it for what you pay..

Ive since got the same pads to go in my new brake set up... so they got my repeat business as a result from the first round..

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 spark_38 said:

Yeah those are the ones I'm about to put in with my new 4 pot recond brakes. MP Autoparts sell them at $115 approx (maybe thats trade price)...

Currently using Bendix ultimate which aren't too bad, pricewise they are $160 trade at BNT.

price i was given over the phone from znoelli was $96 less 15%, i presume theres a little shipping on top as well, will see when i get invoiced...

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