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Info: How to Make Your Gen1 Legacys Rear Indicators Clear


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Don't know if anyone has realised this but I did this today, looks way better IMO.

Step 1: Open Boot, and make some room around where you can access the tailight bulbs


Step2: Remove plastic bulb holder, to expose the taillight inner


Step3: Using some plyers (normal or needle nose) grab the orange piece of plastic which sits in the indicator area of the tail light, dont forget to remove the philips screwwhich is in the same place (you'll see it, theres only 1)

Get a good grip on the piece of plastic and give it a yank, be careful not to go too hardout as you may crack your tail light, it's a bit of a bitch to get out but it will budge after a little wiggle


Step4: Put plastic bulb holder cover back, and inner tail light cover






It took less time to do it than it did to upload all these photos (fkn 56k)

Hope this is of some use to someone ;D

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Nope, nothing would have been open which sold orange bulbs (unless they sell them at gas stations) I'm just gonna buy some tomorrow before work.

But yeah, cheap fix if this is the sorta look your wanting to go for. You might be able to do it for the wagon versions aswell, unsure though, but it would make sense that subaru would use the same orange plastic thing in the tail light of the wagon model.

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Guest the_return_of_the_jedi

i did this on the weekend.. not sure what screw you were talkin bout but it looks badass now


oh yeah and where can i get orange bulbs from?

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Repco sell the orange bulbs.

The wagons are harder to do. You need to remove the light and somehow open it up. I have a pair of lamps in the garage to attack one day.

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