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Checking ABS Codes (BG5)

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Hi, its coming up to warrant time and I have a ABS light that won't go away. I've cleaned the wheel sensors etc and reset ECU, but the light is still there. Is there anyway to read the code without buying an OBD code reader machine?


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 pl0x said:

Na the light needs to turn on when you switch car onto on, hook the light up to oil pressure light and then they will both light up and both go away lol

That will be a last resort haha, but I'd rather solve the problem.

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Yeah it threw up a 27 (LR wheel speed sensor) and a 51 (ABS valve relay) I tested it (The relay) last week according to the service manual and it seemed alright, I'll disconnect the battery while Im at work and see if the codes clear.gs in.

Ive only cleaned the wheel sensor (it was very dirty), I'll test it for continuity tonight if I can find where it plugs in.

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Yeah well i don't know about that system in particular but knowing a bit about these things I'd bet that valve code could be triggered by hydraulic pressure not appearing where it was expected or something like that.

A leaking valve could cause the ecu to summise that the valve wasn't working and the code would set. Likewise, the rear sensor may not be working because there is grease or dirt on the sensor or the trigger. Not every trouble code means that an electrical circuit is faulty. The codes are a guide only and they need interpreting.

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In the loom under the steering column there is a grey plug (with 8 pins i think?), there are 2 black wires taped up in the loom near the plug, i can\'t remember the specific terminal in the plug that you connect it to but it\'s in the service manual, this also works for BH/BE.

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