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TT TMIC pipe upgrade revision 3


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Turbo to TMIC silicone pipes to replace OEM

I've seen this covered twice, here by Marky:


and here by nickmcgill:


The OEM pipes smallest internal diameter, primary and secondary is 28-30mm at the bend, The smallest internal diameter in the silicone is 36-38mm not to mention the ribs and corogations. Which is 7.065cm3 compared to 11.335cm3, with an air velocity of 10m/s charged to 14psi air flow rates are:

OEM pipes - 0.37m3 (783cfm)

Silicone - 0.61m3 (1292cfm)

So almost double the amount of flow.

I've just brought a pair for $58 delivered off trademe, only one with these sizes right now:

1 x 1.3/4" to 1.1/2" 45' reducer elbow

1 x 1.3/4" to 1.1/2" 90' reducer elbow


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i went into super cheap with a primary turbo in hand and bought a rad hose that fitted the outlet and had a 90 and a 45 in it . was like $21 and the rest of it was handy as .

fits awesome and looks stock

everyone do this mod . makes a world of difference . the stock pipes are worse than a lawn mower intake pipe

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Last week I decided this would be a good thing to do. So I went about gathering the various parts.

1 x 45mm" to 38mm" 45' reducer elbow

1 x 45mm" to 38mm" 90' reducer elbow

1 x 70mm flexi joiner “Which was not so flexi”

Ok so my first mistake was getting the wrong size 45 reducer because on the Rev-D the secondary turbo outlet is bigger. Now looking back I knew this already but I was just following instructions here haha, anyway as I said I got the 45mm To 38mm which is too small, If you have a Rev-D I would recommend getting a 54mm” To 45mm” 45’ reducer, That might be a little too big but I will be getting one and trying it myself in the future.

That being said, it is possible to just use the 45mm To 38mm because that is what I did, it is just a true pain to get on when throwing the intercooler back on because they were a very tight fit.

This is the “not so flexi” flexi joiner.






With the 45 reducer you can see I flipped it around and used the small end for the intercooler and the larger for the turbo outet. This ended up working ok but as I mentioned earlier it was extremly fidgety to get on because of how tight it was.


As you can see the joiner did not flex evenly and ended up looking horrible, it’s all lopsided and I’m not that happy with it.




Thats it, all done. i don't think there is a noticeable difference when just driving around the streets, however i did notice it holds boost into higher rpm better.

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 B4 I was 250T said:
Thanks Ross, noticing ZeroSports pipes are getting harder to find but could probably go to magoos or someone to make me one up. Cheers mate, love ya work :-)

Sweet, cheers. Getting one made is not a bad idea, probably be less than $50. If you do I have my original blue joiners here, could get 10 made and re-coupe some $$$. I think Fortyone auto have the Zerosports new, or Strongs get them now and then.

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I notice the ZeroSports pipe increases in size just after the first bend, do you think this varying in diameter is required? I know that if you mess with the intake diameter before the MAF it really upsets things but does after the MAF have the same issues? Just a thought as I’m also looking at getting something made up for mine.

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I think it's only for fitment reasons, just a stainless reducer really. Other models have smaller diameters.

So you could use a straight 90mm diameter bent pipe, with a silicone reducer at one end. Or 75mm pipe with reducer at the air box end

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