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2 Pot Rear Callipers BH5

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I've seen this mod covered a few times now, so thought I would document it as I go for hits and giggles. To fit 2 pot rear callipers to a BE/BH you'll need either S401 Legacy backing plates or some Kartboy adaptors:

Kartboy adapters:



Genuine S401 Legacy backing plates, P/N RH-2670466000 & LH-2670466010:


S401 style copies made by Flatt-Racing:



For some reason I've ended up with two sets of 2 pots, so painted the black set red for a colour comparison OEM red/VHT real red SP731 calliper paint:


Spent about an hour prepping each calliper, sanding with 180 grit wet and dry. Then using a small die bit in the dremel for the hard to reach spots. Then cleaned up with wax and grease remover, taped up ready for paint:


Two thin coats, then one final medium coat. Then oven baked for 1 hour at 93c to cure the paint (as per can instructions). Cooled down and masking tape removed, here's the colour difference:


All parts cleaned, polished and reassembled:


Then the finishing touch, high temp vinyl decals from ebay:


Link to ebay seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SUBARU-Brake-Caliper-Calliper-Stickers-Decals-Impreza-WRX-Sti-x-3-SMALL-REAR-/380756039797?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item58a6d41875


Hopefully there's some fine weather this weekend and I can get them on and throw some more pics up.

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 94 Leone said:
ooh; a second set of 2- pots... ; I dont like that I promised myself I wouldn't mod the wrx 'til it's paid off haha!

Good to see the pic-heavy write-ups are back.

Love your detail bro!

There'll be more around when the time is right. Has been a while since I did one, but cheers man. :)

When every gram counts. The single pot sliders weigh 3.23kg each, the STI 2 pots are 1.84kg each:


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 gotasuby said:
Got the part number for the backing plates? Well done btw.

Thanks. Nah sorry I don't. I thought I had found them in this thread:http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/showthread.php?44515-R160-2-pot-calliper-backing-plates-GreymouthBut they are for a GDA, maybe GC/GF.

Here's a pic of the new plates (top left), OEM BH (top right) and GDA/GC/GF 2 pot(bottom). Different size hub centre, park brake pad mounts and wheel speed sensor location:


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No problems this time round, but I greased everything really well last time it was apart. The first time they came apart to do the wheel bearings I had major headache.

Even with this beast the axles wouldn't budge, outer splines completely seized into the hub:


Ended up having to remove the trailing arms/axles complete:


Then use a 20t press to remove the axles:



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I've got the 2pot brembo callipers already, I've got backing plates that come off a v7 wrx which ran the 2pot rear callipers. Are ya saying these backing plates won't work? I'm sure ive read places that this is what people do? Will be ripped if they no good.

This is what I have to play with anyways.



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