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Legacy BP Clock


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I have increasing problems with the clock/info unit in my BP9 legacy- Its the piece under the cubby between the centre vents. Sometimes it shows nothing at all (although the button for turning the dash lights to bright still works)- a bit of hard tapping and it will come back to life. Its happening more and more often so I took the unit apart just to check for a dry solder joint or dodgy capacitor etc- I couldn't see anything.

Is this a common problem/is there a good fix or is it just a case of a replacement unit?


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Thanks for the replies, yea its the fuel economy etc too. Almost seems to me like its just the backlight- an obvious dry solder joint would be too easy!

Can that- a bit more googling reveals this:

See post 15


I will take mine apart in the next day or two and check resistor R4


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God I went through like 4 of these things trying to sort the old man's BP Outback, I was getting faulty ones for free and reflowing half the damn board and they would only last a week.

In the end he bit the bullet and bought a new one from Subaru ($$$)

Presumably that mitsispec guy knows something I don't because the ones I played with looked primo after a bit of reflowing, even under a magnifying glass.

EDIT: Never re-did that R4 though

Double edit: Ugh, if you do get in there, don't just bend the legs of the display, de-solder them properly, you can see in that guys picture that he's cracked half the solder joints on it and it doesn't take a lot of wiggling to metal-fatigue those thin legs.

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Had the exact same problem with mine and got onto the same site that is posted above..

Took it to a local auto sparky and told him all I wanted done was 511 resoldered which cost me a grand total of 20 buckaroonies to do.

That was about 9 months ago and it's been all good since.

It may not work but it may save you a fair whack of money cause I would hate to think how much a Subaru replacement would set you back!

Good luck.

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I remember this with my old BP Legacy. I done the oven trick and put it in oven to re melt the solder. Worked sweet for a couple of months then i done it again but left it in their to long and well it melted the board a bit. Their is a sweet spot in their somewhere haha

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