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Freight Service Request New Plymouth > Palmy (or Dvk)


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Got a couple of Steel rims no tires 4x108 I'd like to get over here soonish (save them from the scrap heap)

anglebox94, on 07 Nov 2016 - 4:25 PM, said:

Think they are vintage speedway wheels




any one able to assist?


perhaps if anyone is going on the Taranaki cruise?


Josef Legacy posted in 2 groups.
26 November–27 November · Wellington/Tar


lemmie know :P if you can help out

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not sure why I'm not getting notifications for this, maybe i ddidnt turn them on lol


think I got it sorted thanks everyone for your offers! they are near Patea now & I have a lady who bought a bunch of Garden panels off me who has a beach house there & travels over every couple of weeks

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