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Auckland - Stolen silver V2 WRX FUY268


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Will post a more detailed message later but my car has been stolen from the Papatoetoe park and ride train station (Auckland). As per the title, silver V2 WRX registration FUY268. Stolen some time between 0730 and 1745 on Friday the 25th November, 2016.


Likely to be stripped for parts, if this is the case it may actually be quite obvious. There are a few rare/unique items on this car:


  • STi five spoke gold alloy wheels, with STi stickers on each wheel
  • ARC intercooler
  • Custom spec'd Bilstein suspension with red Tanabe springs
  • STi Genome boost gauge


Distinctively, the right rear door and quarter panels are a different shade of silver as they were being resprayed/worked on.


See the photos below for the parts I've described and also a photo of the car itself.


Has been reported to AT and the police. Please keep an eye out if anyone has seen my car :( my contact number is 021 037 3690.


Photos to come when I find a way home. Pretty devastated right now.





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upload photos, more description
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