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Wellington MM'18

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Howdy team, 

its no secret that things have been a bit quite and lack luster around the Welly region.

But heres an event we should all get behind, as its not far from home.

Whos keen to come along to MM'18? and celebrate our clubs 21st birthday?

Im thinking Saturday 12th May we meet somewhere at say 10am, and cruise up SH2 to Tui HQ for lunch, then join in on the karting and cruise that afternoon.

By the way, the lunch is basically free for all subscribed members... if you havnt subscribed, its only $20 for a whole year... so its a pretty good deal!

those who want to find accom can or you can go home, can then come to the trackday on the sunday too, or not... its up to you.

Whos keen to come along?

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On ‎29‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 8:30 PM, RAYDEO said:

were looking to close off entires by April. if youre keen head to the online store and grab an entry.

Shame you arent keen to join us for saturday, the social and events side of MM is always WAY more fun.


Alright, I will come on Saturday and flag the Sunday :D be better to get to know everyone rather than potentially breaking the car ha ha

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