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Summer Meet?


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I was chatting to @1randomkiwi a while ago, and we had a good idea for a Summer Meet and cruise, if anyone is keen.

There's a few of us in Whangarei, and further north, that aren't able to regularly attend the meets due to distance, and time of day/week etc.

I'm always one for being social, and enjoy meeting you guys! It's good to put (forum) names to faces!


We were thinking of cruising up (or down) to Mangawhai, or somewhere out Matakana way, and then meeting up for food & drink, and chats & bants.

I was thinking of a weekend during January of 2019.


Just wanting to gauge peoples interest at the moment, so something can be organised closer to the time.

Made 2 strawpolls, so we can see what everyone wants to do.


- Date(s)...


As far as places to go, and eat & drink, I don't know those areas at all. So open to suggestions...

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I'd definitely be interested as this is what Bec and I like to do in the weekends anyway. We did find a nice little spot at Mangawhai heads in the summer, a little tavern on the main strip with nice food iirc.


I'm sure I could drag @lowandy along for a cruise or two too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

ISo any more thoughts on this??

Judging by the polls its Mangawhai on the weekeng of the 19/20th?


Keen to make this a thing!

As well as @Individualities I have very little knowledge of the area.

The Mangawhai Tavern ive heard good things about for lunch then possibly Mob up to langs beach?


The Kai iwi lakes meet a few years back was a sweet spot and we all got hella burnt but was a long haul for the aux fullas


Any more ideas / suggestions??

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I was gonna have a chat to @ADIKT in the first week of December about this. Basically just making sure it's all good etc.


By the sounds of things, Mangawhai it is (I'm happy with that cos it's closer to home :P), on Saturday the 19th or Sunday the 20th (poll here).

I'm happy to mob to Langs after too.


Mangawhai Tavern is a good option.

The Dune is probably another good option. The owners have 2 highly regarded restaurants in Whangarei (The Quay & No.8). Plus their other one nearby called The Cove in Waipu Cove. They've also opened up a new place in Tauranga!


Kai Iwi Lakes is an excellent spot! Is it a bit of a long haul for the Auckland fellas though. More of a place to spend a couple of days camping and chilling though.

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