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OBD II - Real Time Data (Boost etc)

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Hi All,


I'm looking to get an OBDII adapter to that will work with the Torque Pro app on Android to display real time readings from the various things available over ODBII.


My understanding is that to get that you need one that is SCCM compatible?

Has anyone got any ideas, or has done this before? Is it even possible?


Thanks heaps.


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  • Admin

Yea a few have done it. Are you wanting it to be wired or wireless? The update rate is much better with wired. The ultimate setup is using a Tactrix cable and an app called BTSSM. Gives you miles more info than any other app out there for these cars.


This was my setup until just recently.

The app lets you pull fault codes, Learning view snapshots and even records a snapshot of all available data at the time if knock is detected.




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Thanks, I'll look at getting one direct from Tactrix then.

Yeah, I'm planning to put it up the top, but if it doesn't work then I'll probably just get a tablet for the space.


From what I've checked so far it should fit I think.

We'll see how I go once the head unit arrives, if it doesn't fit, it's no loss (it's only a cheapie from Wish).

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