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Vibration when driving above 90km/hr


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Hello guys,


Does anyone else experienced an issue of periodic small vibrations when driving at 90km/hr and above. I can confirm its not he tires/wheel balancing/alignment as all those has been checked and changed all 4 tyres. Any recommendation for a specialist around Wellington or any other parts to be checked? Any help will be very much appreciated. 




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Can you describe the vibration more precisely? Can you hear it or just feel it? Can you feel it through the steering wheel... or brake pedal etc. You say periodic... does that mean always above 90, or only above 90 but not all the time? Does it happen only on certain road surfaces?

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42 minutes ago, Loren said:

Can you give some more info?

Recently had to do a replacement of front left lower arm after hitting a curb. 

After the repairs, it started giving a small vibration if the steering is straight or taking a right curve in motorways. When doing a left curve, the vibration stops and its all smooth. The vibration is periodic maybe 1 second interval each. Vibration can be heard and can feel in the steering wheel. 

Its not happening at city speeds and I cannot feel anything at all. even till 80km/hr. It starts from 90km/hr. 


Apologies I didn't put all the info in the beginning as I am new here and thought the Forum might be inactive. Wasn't expecting a quick response. You rock!


Thanks in advance. 

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1 minute ago, Loren said:

Maybe the wheel bearing is screwed.

Can you suggest any good places where I can get this checked in Wellington? 

The guys where I took my car charged me an hour's rate and said they cannot find any issues. 

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