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P1410 on and off during cold start

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Hey everyone,


My first post here and not exactly the happiest of post lol. Anyway, recently I have been getting CEL when I cold start my 2007 Legacy GT spec.B. These CEL would stay on for a minute or two and then it would disappear. I scanned the code and its the infamous P1410 code for the secondary air pump valves being stuck open. I have spent a lot of time reading online including this website but nothing definitive. Just wondering what is the best course of action for me since I believe that the valves has not fully fail and maybe just being sticky? Is there a way for me to disable the air pump completely and keep the valves closed before it becomes stuck open (as I believe that exhaust gas can travel back up the pipe if its stuck open). This would be preferable as I then would not have to go in there and install blanking plates. Also noted that I have taken the car to subaru recently for the air pump relay recall and it said in the receipt that the secondary air pump was replaced? which I dont think thats right.




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Personally i’m a fan of blanking plates. it’s hard to guarantee the solenoids are fully closed without them. You can get the blanks that sit between solenoids but keep them all in place which makes the process a little easier. Some shops think they can just turn everything off in the ECU and pull the fuse regardless of whether the solenoids are stuck open or closed which is pretty slack in my opinion.

I’m going to be doing the delete on the new car shortly as a just cause i can exercise. Saves waiting for it to become an issue I reckon.

They may have replaced the pump (big black part up front) as that is where the electrical concerns are but none of the solenoid parts

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