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What Clutch for 600hp


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Hi Guys


I am getting close to starting the assembly on my engine but before i can assemble it i need to organize a clutch that can handle the power. and get balanced 

So trans is 6 speed engine is ej25.


Things to note 

Vehicle is street driven and will be a true 460 to 500whp to start off with as turbo will be he limiting factor no bull s*** dyno numbers and expect around 500 to 600 nm torque.


I have a couple of clutch's in mind 


1) ACS KSU23531-2A this clutch will do the job but the total weight of 16.5kg is putting me off 

2) Exedy FM022SD cant find weight on this and am worried the materiel the plate is made of will cause it to shudder when ya go to take off and is only rated to 600nm


Has any one got some other suggestions that is proven . I'm wanting to get something ordered on monday 

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That is a similar range to what I'm aiming for. Surely you’ll be 600+nm with a turbo that'll get you that much power?


That exedy is probably the new version of what @Niran is selling.

Apparently they commonly rattle quite a bit while not engaged.


I'd tell you to go for a Tilton multiplate which is what mine will get once the new engine goes in but it is a bit more work so might not fit your timeline. Price is almost the same, sometimes better than the standard style multiplate clutches. 

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Twin organic and sprung will feel almost like a standard clutch. You won't be able to launch many times without burning the clutch though.


The exedy torque ratings are actually at the wheels. I found the catalogue and spoke to Exedy as well and have decided to use my exedy FM022SDL Compe D for around 670hp and 700nm at the wheels

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