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Wrx rally build


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Hi guys and girls I'm wondering if someone who could help me out here, I'm currently building a gf8 budget rally car. So far I have fully stripped the interior gutted the inside of the doors boot bonet and all of the  Heating & Air conditioning unit from behind the dash I've added Lexon windows and 8 Point roll cage bucket seats and adjustable suspension. I have a window washer bottle behind the driver's seat  with sprayers on to the intercooler  a surge tank in the boot bed by the original fuel pump and a Bosch 044 fuel pump  after the surge tank  I have got  rotated intake manifold front mount intercooler oil cooler  td06 turbo unequal length headers Turbosmart wastegate some pink top feed injectors from a later model STI.


Now here is my problem, AI am a bit lost now that has come to the electrical part of the project. I have a what you probably call older V5/6 G4 plugin link ecu which did run the car fine until I removed the entire wiring loom. I would really like to move the battery to the boot, and from what I am learning so far the power from this goes to a relay box and into a fuse box, I think I understand how that will work, but what I'm not sure on is what I should be powering via the ECU or which sensors need a direct feed. Or is this even possible to do with a plug-in ECU? I looked up the link website and downloaded the manual for the G4 Plus but I couldn't find one for the older G4. Unfortunately I was a little bit to snip happy with the wire cutters on the original loom so that is pretty much toast lol.


Anyway I'm sure there's a bunch of people on here with some hints tips and ideas to make this project a little bit easier, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome along to the forum!
One piece of advice I'd give you, not related to your question, is to add at least some form of heater back into the car, and at least a fan. 
My RS Legacy rally car no heater or anything, and the worst thing was getting to the start line at an event, on a cold morning, and your windscreen instantly fogging up :(

Regarding the wiring loom, I'd almost look at getting another stock one if I were you, it would be the easiest to start with a stock loom, and get it running again, then slowly strip out what you're not needing. 

I had an engine bay fire in my RS a few years back, which got me starting in thinning out the wiring loom, I repaired the damaged parts, then just started stripping back what wasn't needed. 
I went a little snip happy, and it took me weeks to troubleshoot it and find where I'd gone too far. I should've just started with another loom, but they were getting harder to find for an RS. 

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I ran 3 120mm server fans in mine. 4 wire one have PWM so you can control speed. 

The 3 were the same size as the original heater box vent so they cable tied over the hole exactly. 

for ecu I kept as much stock as possible to allow the diagnostic just moved it up to behind glovebox. 

have you tried reaching out to link directly they used to be a friendly bunch, likely still are. 

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