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You just need to drill and plate a hole in the trans tunnel behind the seat opposite the outside lower seat belt bolt


replace the seatbelt bolt with a long one with round eye bolt. Then the same with two rear seat belt ones. 

then you can run any normal harness. 

go to any place that does race cars and they can do it super easy. 

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Depends on trackday : I've run (legacy BG5) Harness to the rear seat mounts (with WRX seats), not ideal Angle and you will actually do a mischief (make things worse) if you crash aye


eg Bolt the Eyes to the rear lower rear seat for the shoulder harness, making it possible to retain the OEM lap belt too


and some trackdays let you self scrutineer etc (maybe no longer)


as I know if I was scrutineering I would say to remove them too

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It’s one hole. Just the trans tunnel. 
You could make something up that fits factory belt buckle but that’s not easy. Plus then the airbag goes off and you’ll not be far enough forward for it to work. 

you can also just run the lap belt if they won’t let you run the rear straps. I run the rear straps as a have a HANS device that also stop the straps cutting into your neck with the narrow stock seat harness hole. 

angle isn’t legal if you have the seat to far back. And well outside the ideal angles. 

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