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EJ22E/SOHC around? Can’t find anything

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Hey all! I’m currently in the process of kicking off an Ej18t build and I’m looking around for an EJ22E long block and have had absolutely no luck! 


Ive come across one Brighton 220 on Facebook which somebody in Auckland had turned into a house on wheels! With the car going for 1700$ and to be used as a parts vehicle, I deemed it a waste of my money. 


Outside of that one appearance I haven’t spotted another 2.2l any where in NZ and I was wondering if any of you guys might know where to get one/have one lying around unused and unwanted! 


Cheers for any and all replies, much appreciated!



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I see all the responses about an EJ18T being a bad idea went in one ear and out the other 😅


If you're worried about a Brighton 220 for $1700 being a waste of money, I hate to tell you that building an EJ18T to go in a 200k+ BD2 is.... a giant waste of money.


EDIT: But I guess if you must... there's a BD7 with a EJ22E at Pickapart in Wellington. $250 for the long motor, you just have to pull it out yourself.

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