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Heat wrap

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Hey guys


Just interested to know what heat wrap people are using?


Whats the best for exhausts and exhaust manifolds?


I have heard DEi titanium wrap is pretty good, but can't find anyone in nz selling it.



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Tried a whole lot of them, the no-name stuff is a waste of time, goes to s*** inside 12 months, flakes to bits and falls off.


The best of what I've tried is the Lava Rock stuff from Pro Wholesale, goes on nice, doesn't make you itch quite as much as all the straight fibreglass ones, and seems to have lasted at least somewhat well.


But the true best is OEM heatshields.

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I've made header, up pipe and down pipe shields with the stuff from pro wholesale... still have my down pipe shielded with that... is hard work though.

You will need loads of steel cable ties and a good cable tie tool.

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