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Open vs Closed Ended Lug Nuts

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Hey guys

Just wanting to know if Open ended lug nuts are as bad as people say.


I currently have some basic 38mm silver spline lug nuts atm but I am wanting some that stick out because I like the look so looking for 45 - 50mm lug nuts.

Problem is, I wanted to go closed end but there are almost 0 options. I have seen circuit performance ones but after reading reviews I wont go near those. Project Kics Heptagon look really good but at $150 and then having to paint them red (I want them red to match car) it just doesn't feel worth it.


It seems that all the extended ones are open ended for some reason so I just wondering if I bite the bullet and get open ended ones.

Just wondering if the issues with rust, seizing of the studs are a real concern or are they not as bad as people make it out to be?

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