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Starter woes


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have a jetboat with a vw tdi using a Subaru starter. Changed the starter a while back and stupidly threw out the old one. New one doesn’t sound great and looks like the gears aren’t meshing properly. New starter is from a non turbo manual 8 tooth. 65mm flange which I believe applies to all manuals? I see a 9 tooth 65mm starter does exist would anyone know where i would find one of these assuking that’s what I had originally. Did the turbos or 2.5/3.0 get different starters? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Chch based if anyone has one for sale 

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Internet seems to think the 8/9 tooth ones are interchangeable.


9 tooth was on the '01-> WRX and STI but they're hideously expensive.


Legacy from about '05 on seems to have a 9 tooth as well but may be a completely different starter.


Sorry I can't be much more help than that.

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as above no help either but sounds like a really weird mashup of parts!


no turbo stuff doesn't get a lot of "love' around here eh but there might be the odd nut hangin about who knows


so welcome to the forums!

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