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S-GT - strange ringing/metallic noise when accelerating?

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Hey guys :),


New member here - have had a few subies over the years (Legacys/Foresters) and have just purchased myself a 2008 S-GT in the classic Subaru blue. Budget didn't allow for an STI :( but as a back up option, I'm happy with the S-GT!


Hoping you guys can give me some advice on this.. feel like I'm going crazy trying to find this annoying ringing/metallic sound, which seems to be coming from somewhere around the downpipe. 


It is most prominent while in gear and accelerating (low revs mainly, as eventually when the revs get high enough the engine sound drowns it out), but can also slightly be heard when in neutral and giving it a bit of gas.


Here is a video to demonstrate, noise is immediately when revving. Can't hear it all that clearly in the video but imagine that louder when driving:




Started by checking the cat heat shield, where I found a small stone stuck in there.. removed this, but the sound remained :(.


I've been checking all the heat shields in the downpipe area, but can't seem to find anything loose or that seems to be causing it!


Anyone have any thoughts as to what it might be? Planning on taking it somewhere to get it checked out as I'm out of ideas, but thought someone here might know.



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When mine did something very similar it was a cracked weld in the downpipe heatshield. Go round knocking everything with the handle of a screwdriver and see if anything sounds different.

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