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Reinventing the Wheel, Well Gear Stick actually


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Hey Team, 

So after taking the Scrap Impreza out Rallying one of my biggest criticisms besides the lack of power (we might have figured that out)  was the Gear selector, the throws where very long, the amount of just nothingness and mud involved all round and even clicking into gear felt like custard. 

So my question here, Ignoring Comfort, and all Road things, since its a pure Rally car, what can be done to tidy and clean the shifts up? I've seen the Short shifters, so will be getting one of those, I'm also thinking of welding up some Solid engine & Gearbox Mounts but happy to build what ever it needs, 

What can be done besides the short shifter? And do you have pics of what you would do? 

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Whiteline has kits as well to replace the stock bushes in the shifter etc,




i wouldn’t weld anything up. There are alloy spaces for the figure 8 gearbox main mount plates if you don’t like rubber. 
A loose rubber even broken bushes still work, snapped welds don’t do so well bouncing around. 


group N are pretty solid mounts but you can always fill the gaps up yourself. You can by filler or even cheapest option is garden hose cut and pushed in. Just run cable tie though it so it won’t fall out.

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