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I've just Picked up a Fresh batch of 200x50mm CS Stickers
these will be FREE for any Subaru tomorrow @ #hardpark2023 Trentham Memorial Park Upper Hutt '04'
Subaru ROLL in @ 10:30 AM sharp! If you wanna Gang together from the Holdsworth Ave Entrance
otherwise Public Entry is 12pm (lunchtime) and your on your own ❤
$10 per car $2 per passenger FREE to Walk into the grounds
Any Leftovers will make their way onto our Online Store





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Dam that sucks, Tried to keep my distance at event as work is way to busy for me to get the vid🙈.  Not sure if work mates got covid the day before work last week or if they just wanted another week off😂

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pics to come : got to @RAYDEO's bout 10am we did some prep & snuck down the wrong street to get in


A propper pre-meet woulda worked better as we were a bit spread out but managed to park together kinda


cool day hung over this morning from Homebrewski's hah


skipped todays Burnouts & tonight's Cruise


still worth it! 


Half a tank of Deez in the Hyundai towing down & pack


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