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Starlink Head Unit borked and >$11,000 quote to replace :-)))


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I have a 2017 Subaru 3.6R with the Starlink unit. GPS failed (Satellite receives signal but does not show the correct location) and now the screen is failing with visible grid lines and degrading touch responsivity - apparently a common problem. Main dealer quoted me a fantastic $11,500 to replace which is $1000 more than than the very nice BMW my son just bought and the reason I will sadly not buy a third Subaru. I've had the unit inspected by a good car electirc specialist and it's not repairable. Any recommendations for an after-market replacement unit that would integrate with the steering wheel controls. I'm not bothered about GPS as this Starlink UI is pretty grim anyway.

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That's a bloody ridiculous figure aye, have you looked into second hand units from a wrecker or not willing to take the gamble on another dud.


Just about any double din unit these days works with basic steering wheel controls, not 100% on call answering though

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Back in my day we rewound the Cassette Tapes with a Pencil


hah soz 


but yeah didn't even know they came with those!


is it the only thing that fits in the "space"?


and I have a feeling we'll be helping other people with this in the near future at this failure rate


let us know if youfind a fix or replacement or upgrade ❤️ 


never fun getting the first gen or version of anything (unknowingly)

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Sony gps touch screens one seem to be popular on here for replacement units.


you can either go all in one replacement android units from China.


get the double DIN surround so any common stereo unit fits.



most now have either a select car option that setups up the steering wheel buttons or has a mode to learn buttons.


though ring Subaru head office, dealers are not exactly helpful and they may offer you something where a dealer can’t or won’t bother.


edit: added link to din converter panel

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My quest continues and I did find a unit in a wrecker's yard which is under warranty. However it's a small change in part number so I've asked Subaru NZ and Fujitsu if there are compatible. I'll be pleasantly surprised to get any response !


Part number of original unit: 86271AL270 - replacement cost 11,500 (WTF)

Found via wrecker: 86271AL240 - cost $300 🙂

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