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  1. Got some new tyres. The Laufenns that came on the car were both quite worn, and very sh*t. Some Continental MaxContact 6s work much better. Bit over kill for an outback, but better too good then not good enough. Also I cleaned it, looks less homeless now
  2. West Harbour Marina - took a while to find a time where there wasn't people sitting in cars on the ramp New one
  3. On all they BPs ive had, if you roll the dimmer back to the last click itll lock the brightness into day brightness if the headlights are on :s all my 3 were facelift ones tho
  4. Drove up a mountain, found a snowy carpark and did some donuts (snonuts?)
  5. Did you sell these in the end?
  6. All good, The engine isnt that different to the ej25s in the old cars, so the pricing should still be about the same. I did remember something about the 5th gens tho, and thats to avoid "09" built ones, as the CVT transmissions were more likely to fail. They recived an update in 2010. The 3.6 is uneffected as that uses the old 5EAT trans instead
  7. At winger? $1500ish? Even at an independent i'd reckon 4 figures. For an aftermarket kit alone it would be about $500, with another $120 for the water pump. Then you've got a fair few hours of labour. On a SOHC EJ motor the cambelt isn't 'too" hard, but you have to diasassemble a bit to get to it, so depending on how mechanical you are you could try yourself 😄
  8. If winger has done it they should be able to tell you if you ask about a particular service, they just cant give you the full service history without the previous owners permission
  9. That's looking really good guys, chuffed my old wagon was good enough to be in it a few times too. It makes me sad to see, but it's a nice send off for my old Legacy, as my dad actually wrote the car off last week coming off SH1!
  10. Here you go, they're based out of Auckland
  11. I've had a similar issue with my car which made changing gear annoying as the rpms wouldn't drop quickly enough when shifting. Mine turned out to be a vacuum leak. I had blown a small hose off the intake manifold. Put it back and cable tied it and then I had to reset the ecu and it went back to normal
  12. I've got Bridgestone RE003 on my WRX. They've managed to be better the the preceding RE002 in ride and noise, and managed to survive Hampton Downs. I know several cars who had them fitted at the last flatnats who swear by them. As a daily they seem better in the wet then the performance Toyo and Falkens I've tried. I've heard they're not the best in very cold situations though. In the standard 205/50/16 fitment my car takes I I've usually managed to get then for about 200 a corner. Also if you've heard of mighty car mods, it's the tyres they fitted to 2 sexy and Gramps.
  13. Unfortunately the cars covered in all the dirt driving from Auckland to Queenstown will bring, but I think they're good photos none the less
  14. OLD; Mana Place, Wiri (a little bit down from where it was taken, but there was random dude sat in a van, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ NEW;