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  1. That's looking really good guys, chuffed my old wagon was good enough to be in it a few times too. It makes me sad to see, but it's a nice send off for my old Legacy, as my dad actually wrote the car off last week coming off SH1!
  2. Here you go, they're based out of Auckland
  3. I've had a similar issue with my car which made changing gear annoying as the rpms wouldn't drop quickly enough when shifting. Mine turned out to be a vacuum leak. I had blown a small hose off the intake manifold. Put it back and cable tied it and then I had to reset the ecu and it went back to normal
  4. I've got Bridgestone RE003 on my WRX. They've managed to be better the the preceding RE002 in ride and noise, and managed to survive Hampton Downs. I know several cars who had them fitted at the last flatnats who swear by them. As a daily they seem better in the wet then the performance Toyo and Falkens I've tried. I've heard they're not the best in very cold situations though. In the standard 205/50/16 fitment my car takes I I've usually managed to get then for about 200 a corner. Also if you've heard of mighty car mods, it's the tyres they fitted to 2 sexy and Gramps.
  5. Unfortunately the cars covered in all the dirt driving from Auckland to Queenstown will bring, but I think they're good photos none the less
  6. OLD; Mana Place, Wiri (a little bit down from where it was taken, but there was random dude sat in a van, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ NEW;
  7. Yep, should be. Always wanted to visit the South island, so this is a good excuse
  8. Cheers, It doesn't look too bad for 250km. Although on the way to the locations I realised my front wheel bearings going Just in time for flat nats!
  9. Looks a bit more run down since you were there. Someone ram-raided the gates! Sensation Yachts - Selwood Road, Henderson new one
  10. I think this is based on a few factors. The first is the kind of Subarus we get in NZ. During the import boom of the 90s we mostly got Turbos like the BG5 GT and EJ25s like the 250t and Grand Wagon/Outback. For the average joe these mostly ended up being unreliable, the turbo motors were pretty highly strung and in need of good fuel and proper servicing, however most people used them as daily drivers, with a majority not treating them as they needed to. I've seen many a GT-b ruined with 91 octane fuel and shitty oil because "its just a Legacy wagon" (not considering that its a Twin Turbo wagon with about 280bhp!!) On the flip side, a lot got modded poorly with not a lot of thought given to longevity causing faults that stouter engines could survive. The ej2.5 motors again suffered with poor care, but also were very prone to Head Gasket issues. Unfortunately, that engine was very common in Japan, and so a lot ended up here after a few years, just in time for them to go pop. Kiwis tend to be pretty rough on their cars. Given the ease of getting a fresh import cheap from Japan, once a car hits a certain age and mileage people stop mostly caring, but once a trend emerges people jump on it and come to the conclusion that "Subarus are unreliable" without thought as to why that might be.
  11. Out of those two the Legacy has much more room, and has a flat floor and no lip like the Impreza, however if you want space you should go for a 3rd gen Legacy. Thats when they went to the multi link rear end, and as such they dont have the strut towers encroaching on the trunk space. My mates got a BC2 which is the 1.8 fwd and it has enough power to commute him to work and back, but its not fast. If you're loading it up with heavy S*** you might want to stick with 2litres and up. The Brighton 220s were alright, with the sohc 2.2 motor, but with 1st gen Legacies they arent as common any more so its a case of taking what you can get!
  12. If theyre glued on then you could try heating them up and trying to pry the front off, but your not easily going to get a replacement without buying a new set of those lights as the OE ones are different, and if your going to buy new ones then you may as well just fit those.
  13. They're Technocast Corsias, and I too really want a set, but so far havent found any in my size
  14. well easiest would be to connect them up to a connector you know works and push the button, otherwise if your feeling brave, they only have two pins - Earth and 12v. You figure out which is which and hook them up directly to a battery! But get it wrong and you could ruin the pump.