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  1. Good man! @Niran glad you bought @Jono24 BE, stoked to see this is going to get what it deserves.
  2. It just bolts on, it's on my wagon currently and it will stay there. My factory swaybar mounts have basically fallen off hence I got this. If I knew they were so weak with a standard swaybar I would have gotten one earlier... so highly recommend getting one for any BP/BL thats not at standard height.
  3. If you are thinking of getting a Tactrix and want to try a cheaper option I've been dying to get one of these https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/tools-repair-kits/meters-testers/listing-2315589830.htm?rsqid=9f07576579774b88b2d6d85e72e7899b-001 Technically speaking it should work just fine as it runs the same FTDI FT232RL Chip as the Tactrix... I've been dying to try one. Also when and if you get a cable that works PM me and I'm happy to guide you through the flash process, what cables need to be jumpered etc and making changes o your tune for lower octane.
  4. Yea as Andy has mentioned, they should all be run on 98 if un-tuned as they all run super aggressive timing and will ping even on 98. If it's been on 91 it will be pulling timing constantly and then trying to increase timing occasionally which means it will be constantly running into ping/pre-detonation. The good thing is it will be detecting it at low RPM and pulling timing so it might be fine. Compression test, make sure its running through the VOD/ Turbo change over fine and a good service and mechanical inspection prior to purchasing would be wise. In regards to road tuning for lower octane, I wouldn't wast too much money on that. just save up do some breathing mods to the intake and exhaust and get a professional tune. If you need timing pulled to run low octane fuel you could have someone tickle up your map remotely. but you would still need a $200 cable to flash it on.
  5. A_J_T

    Dre's 3ltr

    Real nice wagon man, I see you had it tuned yea? I've been seeing more and more of TuneTechnic's work - do you mind posting up your results?
  6. I'm a fan of easy fixes so this sounds like a decent idea. Although if it runs do a compression test before you celebrate
  7. That is terrifying, Surely there is a reason for a low mileage belt to snap like that. maybe a damaged pulley or something else in the timing related kit? If the 20X is known good id go with that. or if you use your original 20Y at least pull the heads and make sure the pistons didn't kiss any valves
  8. Man, I still need to get on another one of these! What root did this one take you on? Ohh! Just checked the website, looks like it was Auckland to Paihia and back like the year we did it 😎
  9. If you swap the front top hats as you have mentioned it will work fine. Rears are the same
  10. A_J_T


    Yea some additional clearance would be awesome. Throwing some larger meatier tires onto the Outback platform as is would suffice I think. Also when it comes to the beach its important to keep in mind that traditional alloy wheels are not ideal as they get sand stuck in the inside causing major imbalance and shuddering once you get up to speed. You have to clean them out al the time so getting some steelies that have a dish on them rather than concave makes things easier <-- hope that makes sense like this This one looks slightly lifted though 🤔
  11. A_J_T


    I like this idea, will keep an eye on this thread as its something I've been thinking of doing in the next couple years once I escape Auckland. You could also go for a Lancaster or Outback.. no work to be done just buy it and go surf.
  12. Did you get some oversized shoes for the rear brembo conversio, If so where from?
  13. Its the EVAP Purge Control Solenoid. I think the part number is 16102AA391 Long story short, it shouldn't cause any boost related issues unless the Vacuum line is disconnected causing a Vacuum leak