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  1. @blackseb Yea I like the idea of a staggered setup. Honestly I had not even considered that. There is heaps of room to be had if you don't mind going to the effort.The rear has never been an issue, roll the rear and bash it a little with a hammer and you are done. The fronts need a little more work. To get good clearance at this hight I had to trim the front metal body guards a little. well, i didn't have to but pumping them any more meant the plastic clip-on guard was starting to pop off the metal guard and didn't follow the same clean line. More in my garage thread about that. Kinda a bad picture cause the wheel is turned, but when sitting on flat you couldn't get a finger between the wheel and plastic guard and there is still good travel up in there cause of the cutaway behind I'm sitting back at this hight now, at this hight you can get away with just rolling and pumping the front guards.
  2. I feel like you said the same thing twice Whenever this topic is discussed it gets confusing. in, out/ back forth - side to side/ up and down - axial / radial?!?! For the sake of simplicity here we go Simple bearing diagram Radial movement is fine, we are talking a small amount though.. if the compressor wheel hits the housing we are waggling in the breeze far too much Axial movement is a no go, whenever talking about bearings there has to be some clearance naturally, otherwise nothing moves but if there is a noticeable amount of Axial play it means bearings/thrust washers are usually toast and oil seals thrashed. Ps. This is based off the information i've read on the Internet over the years and the copious amount of lames ass VF turbos that have somehow crossed my path. Talk to someone like Steve Murch when it comes to anything important like turbos that dont fall into the naming convention of VF##
  3. see I just got greedy, 225/40 seems to be the goods. any plans for your wagon mate? I'm getting the feeling alot of the lowered Outback boys are thinking of moving to something new... myself included
  4. Nice tidy Wagon! Love that colour. My 2c - Wheel choice is the biggest thing to get right when going low. With the correct wheel its not too involved when it comes to guard work. I went for 18x8.75 20p + 235/40R18 tyre. If I did it again id go for 25p and a little more stretch on the tyre I think. That being said I do love the aggressive fitment I have. Just a lot of work went into getting it right. I also just lifted mine by 15mm because i go out of the city quite a lot and scrapping the road and bottoming out was getting a little old. in and around the City its awesome.
  5. A small amount of side to side is ok, back and forth not so much
  6. I briefly looked at doing this recently. Longer rods reduce piston side loading, and piston weight. I think generally speaking keeping the longer rod and getting some pistons made to suit is the advised route.
  7. I’ll jist leave this here: https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/2001-legacy-4eat-5mt-manual-swap-write-up-186828.html?s=148999beb1d68a6f103033cd81abc10e& and tag @whitebait19 as he converted his EZ30 to manual
  8. My HANKOOK Ventus S1 evo2's <--- "thats a name". Seem to be holding up ok.. Biggest thing is wheel alignments aye, made that mistake before and ended up dragging one around with too much toe on it for a while. that did more damage that running heaps of camber
  9. It could be an o2 sensor on the way out or plugs? o2 sensors wont heat up as fast in the winter so it will be running in open loop for those first 5 mins of driving you described. At that point its probably super rich and thus bogging down. Good explanation as to what o2 sensors do and how they work: http://www.autotap.com/techlibrary/understanding_oxygen_sensors.asp
  10. Here is a blessing for your ears this morning.
  11. One from the weekend
  12. Thats what a turbo is... it chops up all that bees and nasties
  13. Are we old, or is it the fact that no bonnet in nz is a legal no go that whenever we see a car without one its just bogan and lazy?