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  1. @1randomkiwi Thanks again for all your time and effort on the day and with all the editing etc. You're a true champion, cant wait to see the finished clip. Ps. I have no objection in regard to my number plate.
  2. Sure are! @1randomkiwi has some nice clips coming including the final results board. Hang in there 😉
  3. Real nice to connect names with faces today and see some of the Forum cars in the flesh. Big shout out to @PBMS for hosting us. They really made the day with thier awesome venu and expertise, not only on the Dyno but also prooved they can dial in a pretty decent BBQ lunch too. Cheers all for coming out and keep your eyes out for some videos and photos to come.
  4. Maybe just bring down the dump pipe or something
  5. No stress mate, would love to see you and the your car if you can make it though!
  6. Hi Bobby, That wont be a problem, its first in first served basis, the day is kicking off at 9am but the runs may not start until a little later in the morning. Regardless i'm sure we can get you on the dyno and to your Birthday party before lunch
  7. Come on down regardless, join us for some lunch etc. I think there has been enough interest to do another one of these within the year so keep your eyes out for that. Haha legend, looking forward to checking some of this gear out
  8. All good mate, dont rush it aye... less haste less waste
  9. Hi all, hope everyone enjoyed Waitangi Day, I found it a bit odd having a mid week day off but it was mint nonetheless! This is happening on Saturday at 9:00am! Event Date: 9th February 2019 @ 9AM Address: 159C Manukau Rd, Pukekohe It looks like we have a pretty sweet lineup with power levels that cover the board nicely. Sadly some have fallen, some have succumbed to the brutality of their owners "Cough.. thats me" the BPE Wagon has stepped up though . I know there are a couple others on the list that are getting last minute jobs done so I wish them all the best and look forward to seeing some gnarly power runs. Car Type Power Claim BPE 3.0L Wagon 135kw 98 Mazda MX5 160kw s203 210kw gen 3 leggy wagon at least 6kw 2003 Subaru Legacy S401 160kw V5 STi 350kw ish.. Hybrid RA FULL SEND s14 de+t 130kw MY01 wrx impreza ??? Cheers Aidin
  10. Id suggest so, just not sure what else it would be.. its the easiest thing to change too. Getting stuck into diff bearings is no fun and its also less likely than a wheel bearing
  11. From my experience wheel bearings have to be pretty shagged to get noticeable movement when working the wheel by hand. Also often its the opposite side than it sounds like
  12. Whats the milage, one of mine went at 120,000 and so I just did both. Mine sounded pretty metallic and rumbly..
  13. So I'd need to buy both hub and hub carriers? this
  14. easy to do if you buy the whole hub and bearing assembly, just did both my wagon front bearings. Its in my thread if you want to see photos of things apart. I got my bearings from SubTech in Penrose
  15. Hey Team, Excited to announce that @Niran and @PBMS have offered to give us some entertainment with a 350KW dyno pull. I'm sure most of you are very familiar with @Niran's 2011 Sedan, so this is an awesome opportunity to come out and see the build in person. Here is one of my favourite clips of the car... it sounds like something pulled directly from Need For Speed Underground. If you want a smile simply pop on your headphones and listen to those satisfyingly notchy shifts or the turbo snatching up copious amounts of air as it thrashes down the Manfield track.