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  1. Do they also accomodate the low mount turbo and headers etc?
  2. If a day in Tauranga seems inviting I'd give DTech a call and discuss all of the above.
  3. bh5

    Welcome, nice wagon! I think v7 lips can be made to fit but don't quote me on that. EZLip works well.
  4. Finished off the ducting to the intercooler and plasti dipped the hole..
  5. I mean you can still throw a P18 on it, but it might be better to sell it as a TS and Buy a 30 or 34. Then comes the question whats on the car already and is it worth =you while even changing.
  6. I stand corrected! Wont make excuses, got in a tangle. I think in these scenarios if in doubt listen to Clint. BB and JB are indeed different. @chulozumo I'll send the cookie back..maybe, after just one nibble
  7. I'll pm you my address, ship that fella over here before my tea goes cold
  8. Nah, 30 and 34 share the same P18 housing from the factory, im running a P20 of a 22 on my 34, they all have the some chra v band dimensions. Pretty sure the only difference between a VF30 and 37 is the fact that it has a P25 exhaust housing, think the chra and comp wheel/housing is all the same.
  9. So you're going from P25 twin scroll to a P20 single scroll intentionally? To swap the housings its literally just removing a 10mm nut and popping the v band off.
  10. @Joker No crime? Its just a Baja. Common man, sometimes the soccer mums need to pickup the firewood a?
  11. Feel like thats your answer right thur. Do it properly once. OEM Organic disks are not badly priced via partsouq or whatever. Worth getting the flywheel skimmed too
  12. If my car didn't have so many blemishes id be down, but its just embarrassing now . Need a Workshop on touching up dings and stone chips haha
  13. Leaks are good, tells you there is oil in there. Might see you there, still thinking about it. Been a couple times and its well worth it. You dont have to thrash it on launch every time, just relax have some fun.
  14. Not a valid excuse My thoughts exactly.