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  1. Single Turbo conversion, V7 UEL Exhaust Manifold.. The twin turbos will never really have that iconic suby rumble because the exhaust manifold is an odd length, only time they actually sound nice is over 4000rmp when it goes parallel, then its more of an equal length sound. other than that they just sound very hollow imo. But there are performance benefits to have, so there really is no drawback to de-cating and freeing up flow a little. Decreasing exhaust back pressure can cause boost spiking and what not so either get a tune if its Rev-D or find a good boost controller to manage boost. You don't want to run higher boost, but a good EBC will help bring boost on earlier and hold on longer, then you reap the benefits of the decat etc. Edit: Other posts suggest it is a Rev-D. Add breathing mods and go for a tune. Hi flow panel filter + de-cat downpipes and midpipe. Straight through muffler and tune for NZ 95 or 98. Being an import it will be detonating like a mofo
  2. I have some in my bits box somewhere from removing BBOD if you need. also whenever at Pick-A-Part grab some of the nice black factory vac lines and T pieces if all are in good condition. Also, http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/turbos/auction-1278355988.htm
  3. @willisnz Mate, that is rather impressive
  4. Even for race it should stay imo, I know of race cars that specifically have it either added or keep it for fogging in damp cold conditions and keeping your wits about you in the hot summery days. sure it depends on what you are racing but as far as a street legal WRX goes i don't see the benefits of removing it. That said some people never use AC even if they have it so by all means remove it eheh. i love taking both sides of these scenarios.. its just unfortunate that you as the current owner now need it I have no idea how hard it is to put AC back in, someone on here can give you the details. Removing it from a car from pick a part and getting it back into yours might be rather easy but then you may have the costs of re-gasing etc. Just not sure.
  5. Idk why people remove AC from their builds in the first place but i understand we are all different so all to their own. Has AC been completely deleted from yours, condenser, evaporator etc? Imo just put AC back in it, there is no replacement for AC. Keeps your car dry and warm in the winter and cool and pleasant in the summer you dont have a flipped mani or alternator relocated in yours so just move that FPR and plop AC back in, might be a bit of a mission but not impossible.
  6. Best clutch i've had is the below, make sure you get either a new flywheel or get it skimmed Organic Clutch Disk 30100AA900 STI Clutch Pressure Plate 30210AA520 Clutch Spigot/Pilot Bearing 806212020 Clutch Release Bearing 30502AA130
  7. I really have no knowledge on the hatches but i would have thought the mounting and everything is the same from base model up to sti. cert for just coilovers will be $400-500
  8. Those Tein's are probably not a bad buy depending on how low they go. Coilovers need cert though so keep that in mind when it comes to total cost
  9. @Dairusire where is the garage thread so everyone can banter off about it without hijacking this thread.
  10. Looks spooly. super hot day and average intercooler is disappointing, Whats the boost look like, got that sheet? how much boost is it hanging onto when it hits peak power?
  11. Unless you plan on boosting your lawnmower a VF32 should only ever be removed
  12. You can do better. What do you plan on using this for?
  13. ahh ok, i did not realize that. So its probably as good as it can be. i trust DTech have done a good job. just interested in gaining some knowledge on the topic this is an interesting read; http://www.clubwrx.net/forums/tuning-electronic-engine-management/134360156-wtf-tuning-part-2-turbocharger-101-basic-boost-control.html