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  1. @Joker No crime? Its just a Baja. Common man, sometimes the soccer mums need to pickup the firewood a?
  2. Golly, real life people in a clubsub photo nice to meet some of the new faces
  3. Check your catch can boss, probably hiding in there. Doubt that much could leak out any seal, probably just a result of the higher boost after tune unless a rear main seal has literally fallen out
  4. Feel like thats your answer right thur. Do it properly once. OEM Organic disks are not badly priced via partsouq or whatever. Worth getting the flywheel skimmed too
  5. If my car didn't have so many blemishes id be down, but its just embarrassing now . Need a Workshop on touching up dings and stone chips haha
  6. Leaks are good, tells you there is oil in there. Might see you there, still thinking about it. Been a couple times and its well worth it. You dont have to thrash it on launch every time, just relax have some fun.
  7. Not a valid excuse My thoughts exactly.
  8. Anyone from here going? Might need a Tow home @Dairusire @Furze @Batbaruman @THUNDA Y'all didn't pay all that money for a tune to park it in the shed. Maybe i'll be the tow vehicle for you blokes and i'll just watch? http://www.framautolitedragway.co.nz/events/202-2016_2017-NIGHT-SPEED-DRAG-WARS-.html
  9. Old: 3 Bullock Track, Grey Lynn New:
  10. Crikey, from the Waikato? thats commitment.
  11. If i don't get there first
  12. Got the wago sitting nicely man, I need an Outback If no one else gets this I guess i'm obliged
  13. Maximum SATURATION! Looks like a good cruise group.
  14. Plenty of room there, just do a walk through first aye. could be chunks of concrete or other nasties hiding. I only checked the area i parked in..
  15. For those that are in Auckland: http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/environmentwaste/rubbishrecycling/Pages/hazardouswaste.aspx Also looks like this was a flop? https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/antifreeze-recycling-scheme-launched
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