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  1. just inspect the plug on the sensor real good. sometimes you cant tell if the wire has broken off the pin cause its all waterproofed under the rubber grommets etc
  2. @Pappu1 Mine would go super lean and then creep rich over the period of about a minute after turning the ignition on. Turned out to be a bad earth.. the ground wire had come out of the plug.
  3. No idea, i've never had to replace mine from the original that came with my AEM wideband.. but its the same part number as the one I got when I thought mine was dead. Bosch 0258017025
  4. What do you consider well priced? I've got a brand new Bosch 0258017025 LSU 4.9 sitting here if you need one in a pinch. $135 Otherwise something like this might be the treat https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Replaces-0258017025-Compatible-Wideband/dp/B07L2S3JRG/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Bosch+0258017025&qid=1551315909&s=gateway&sr=8-4
  5. Id suggest so, just not sure what else it would be.. its the easiest thing to change too. Getting stuck into diff bearings is no fun and its also less likely than a wheel bearing
  6. From my experience wheel bearings have to be pretty shagged to get noticeable movement when working the wheel by hand. Also often its the opposite side than it sounds like
  7. Whats the milage, one of mine went at 120,000 and so I just did both. Mine sounded pretty metallic and rumbly..
  8. So I'd need to buy both hub and hub carriers? this
  9. easy to do if you buy the whole hub and bearing assembly, just did both my wagon front bearings. Its in my thread if you want to see photos of things apart. I got my bearings from SubTech in Penrose
  10. A_J_T

    Wheel Cleaning

    I find this guy fascinating to watch. Products he uses may not be available in NZ but his method is something pretty hectic haha
  11. If its 2001 I think you mean Rev-D in which case you are in luck. If its a Rev-C there is no remaping going to happen. @Pappu1 Would be your best bet
  12. isn't that a given with the power you are talking?
  13. @BMCracer I think its passed the point of giving them a chance to resolve it. That kind of damage simply shouldn't happen. There are a lot of us needing airbag recall work done so naming the shop as a precautionary measure for us would be awesome. We all understand that you are specifically warning us about Airbag recall work and not blanket stating that the shop is useless.. Its less shaming them and simply making them accountable for the poor workmanship you experienced. Sounds like they need to have a chat to their lads to make them more mindful.. some people simply dont think.