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  1. Just had a chat to him and it just uses bolts/nuts the same as the standard spoiler. simply unbolt it and it will pop off. I'll hit you up on FB mate, saves spamming this thread.
  2. Yea he bought it in early 2018, fixed a number of issues that it had when he bought it, thoroughly enjoyed the car and then sold it later that year iirc and picked up a Hilux as it was not a good daily 😂 Unsure on owners inbetween him and you though. I'll ask him how he attached it and find out if its easy enough to remove
  3. My little cousin used to own this. Have driven it and its a bundle of fun. He is also the one to blame for the wing..sorry 😁. its not my cup of tea but he put a lot of effort into getting it fitting etc.
  4. Ahh Rev-C it is, thats no fun. You can still log the Rev-C though so if you are feeling up to it try Romraider logger and go fro a drive. Any boost gauge off trademe will give you an idea, sometimes the cheap ones are 1-2psi off but usually pretty good and fine for diagnostics.
  5. Firstly, get a boost gauge. without one, you are flying blind and simply assuming. It sounds like its fuel cutting due to over boosting. The boost solenoid is kept in the passenger l left-hand front wheel arch. make sure its plumbed and actually working.. also check to make sure the restrictor pill in the vac line coming off the wastegate actuator is in there. Its a Rev-D so this is all tunable - Its unlikely but not impossible that nothing is wrong and someone has already had a play with the boost table. If you have a cable to log with install Romraider logger and view the MAP sensor - instead of going out and buying a boost gauge
  6. If you beat me to it I'm happy to lend a hand with the ECU/Tune side of things
  7. 🤤 This is a build I've had in mind for a while due to its budget-friendliness. The first-gen EZ30 is ideal for a bit of boost due to its single exhaust port heads, they were never awesome naturally asperated but boosted the less efficient head exits don't really cause drama and make it easy to fab up a custom turbo kit. Here is what I would do if I was tackling this, hope it answers some of your questions. 250kw seems achievable but also it's going to be nice and torquey so even if you only get to 220-230kw it's still going to be an awesome streetcar. Id stick with the 5MT - going to the 6MT is not budget-friendly Stock ECU is fully tunable if its a Rev-D.. I would run the stock ECU and an external EBC Turbo - nice big Chinese eBay special. Something that flows nicely, it already has low down so later spooling is not a major IMO. STI Pink 500cc injectors will get you there no problem.. and they fit straight in.
  8. Was watching this today and noticed its another example of MCA Coils that liked a softer swaybar. see the video @ 3:40
  9. @Dairusire should have come to the Drag day, dont need powersteering to drive in a line 😎 Glad its not all bad though, sounds like its going good and a PS pump is easy compared to the drama you have behind you.
  10. @1randomkiwi comes to mind if he is keen.
  11. So who from ClubSub are heading to the Sunday Meremere event? I've got a couple of you on Facebook that i can see are attending, so i'm looking forward to bumping into some familiar faces.. but keen to know who else i should be keeping an eye out for. Its nice to meet people face to face but on the day its impossible to know who relates to what username 😂 I'll be there in a ratty silver B4 with a black bonnet so if you see me come say hi 👋 Cheers, Aidin
  12. Cheers for doing the research and posting this up, its really good info. This is one of those 'it all depends on the application' topics. TLDR: I trust MCA's advince - They are based in our hemisphere and drive the same cars as we do on very simliar roads/tracks we do. IMO: MCA is in a better position to be calling the shots. Whiteline make some good products but if i was going to take anyones word, it would be the chap that is passing on feedback directly from the man in the seat of the car. I've run MCA Coilovers and have no doubt they know what they are doing. If running their products take their advice. On the flipside when running some generic BC or YellowSpeed Coilovers that dont nesaserily have spring rates tailored to your car, you may be able to create a better overall result with off the shelf items such as differnet bushings or swaybards. This is not the route I would take however. Furthermore! I think this is a humours topic in someways due to the fact that Swaybars are one of the common DIY driveway mods for street car enthousiats, its cute because arguably you are really just making your car less comfortable for the street. But we always do things like this to our delightful street cars anyway so i'm not pointing fingers, I've run Coilovers way to low and ruied ride comfort purily for easthetics... but i refuse to drop $200+ on swaybars that simply do not help the vehicle perform "better" but rather "differntly" on the street.
  13. If that LH side one does indeed brighten the cluster/ AC / Time display etc during daytime lights on i'm going to be stoked. One pet peeve i have with my BP is this issue
  14. Pop a vacuum line off the intake manifold and spray something that goes bang in there while cranking it. Brake cleaner works, if it fires and coughs then you have confirmed its fuel issue. If not then you can look more spark / electrical issues? Lots of good ideas here haha i'm keen to find out what it was in the end 😀 I wouldn't be surprised if the injectors are just seized