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  1. Dont open it with any text editor of any kind, if you accidentally edit anything in there incorrectly its not ideal. even changing the formatting can cause issues. You need one of these Tactrix Openport 2.0 The application to open the file is ECUFlash which can be found here http://www.openecu.org/index.php?title=EcuFlash Romraider is another great tool for editing the ROM and Logging the car Given the level you are at, My suggestion would be get someone that knows more to flash the rom on for you. Then they can run some data-logging and ensure its doing the right things for your car. That being said if you want to learn more we all start somewhere so the other suggestion would be read a whole lot about tuning and logging before moving any further on making an actual change, then when you have a good understanding go buy a cable and start with just datalogging and understanding the current tune on the car...
  2. Time to get out the soldering iron! Nice work with the soldering iron! There has been multiple occasions when i've had to get out of the car and go shove my bumper back on after reversing out of a carpark or driveway and its scraped pretty bad or clipped onto carpark end dumpstops... such fun
  3. This better be for what I think it is... and not you bailing out like the rest of them
  4. Just relate the URL name to the file name mate, So from the archive uploaded by @thewabbit1 the file you are looking for will be 90b75-b4attemptquattro.bin
  5. Awesome cheers! Rears will fit without swapping top hats, but yea fronts will need bp top hats
  6. Tried this on my BE running centre cat, centre muffler and stock axle back. Could get some pops and crackles but mostly it was being soaked up by the cat i believe. was not a fan of the sound either, sounded like someone farting into a pillow lol.. Id say a good flowing exhaust without cats would make it much more exciting.
  7. I've never had a 206 in person, but from everything I've read and seen in the past they are the same as the 208 "Strictly speaking Rev-D 206/208" I'm confident it will swap strait in, you might even find the 206 has been thrashed less because its been bolted to an auto all its life.
  8. nah, you will start to get an incomplete burn/ dirty burn which will have less flame to it than a healthy combustion.. id assume thats when you start fowling plugs etc... more so if its super rich across the board.. running rich in decel wont do much harm i dont think cause it clears back up as soon as you are back on the pedal.
  9. you know it haha, cant say i've ever tried those settings, thats all Marky.. currently i've got mine running more efficiency in the low load/low rpm zone for those calm high milage road trips and have dialled in all the fun in the spool zone.. that being said this thread has intrigued me so i'll be going home and having a play with this haha
  10. For the thirsty Rev-D BE/BH owners Courtesy of @Marky
  11. Have been in this car, story checks out haha. Very odd. When was the clutch done, it sounded more flywheel/clutch/spigot/thrust bearing location but super hard to tell. If the thrust and spigot bearing were not replaced with the clutch it could be that? But I think you might be right in assuming its something going bad in the gearbox... It might be cheaper to bin the trans and pickup a lower milage one. 5 Speeds can be had for $300-400 these days and then its just a straight swap, rather than full teardown and diagnosis. Could flick the old one off as noisy but functioning to get some cash back. Hope others on here can chime in as i'm mostly lost on this too
  12. Welcome mate. I thought the SF5 had the BOV bolted onto the Intercooler. the same as most? Or am i misunderstanding like this one? ... if so then yea a v4/5 intercooler will ft.. but you could also go for he Legacy TT intercooler as it will fit too and flows slightly more... I have a spare one you can have if you are in AKL..
  13. Are you running an aftermarket intake with a different possibly larger MAF housing? if so that will be fooling it into running lean and largely contribute to pre-det/pinging I dont expect any payment, i'm no professional and would simply be flashing on a tune that someone else has shared with us all to enjoy. I'd probably dial back the boost a little to depending on how those cat-less downpipes are behaving and if the MAF needs scaling we could look at that but this will be more about creating a safe drivable tune so you can keep the thing alive until getting it pro tuned @Pappu1 might be available to take a look for you PM me your mobile number and we can have a chat