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  1. @BMCracer I think its passed the point of giving them a chance to resolve it. That kind of damage simply shouldn't happen. There are a lot of us needing airbag recall work done so naming the shop as a precautionary measure for us would be awesome. We all understand that you are specifically warning us about Airbag recall work and not blanket stating that the shop is useless.. Its less shaming them and simply making them accountable for the poor workmanship you experienced. Sounds like they need to have a chat to their lads to make them more mindful.. some people simply dont think.
  2. Well that was quick! The 10 Dyno spaces are all taken so i've locked down the entry form. If you want to pull out or put yourself down incase someone else does, just flick me a private message and I'll make a note. Looking forward to catching up with you all in the new year. Cheers,
  3. Just single Turbo it Bruv
  4. Depending on how the day goes they might do a couple unmonitored runs for those that decide they are keen on the day. No promises though Yip, looks good. @All only 3 slots left
  5. Try on a PC not mobile - and or use Chrome @McMatty I've added your name in there to reserve the slot, when you get a chance fill in the rest
  6. Thank you, great idea all intuited by you mate. I've not signed you up as I think its best you do that mate, to sign up Click Here and fill in your details. Cheers,
  7. Ok Team, OP is update with finalised details. Things to note: This is happening on 9th February 2019 @ 9am - There are only 10 Slots so sign up! Free BBQ Lunch for all @Joker If you can do a faceballs thing that would be appreciated
  8. Awesome, looks like we will lock in the 9th.. just waiting to hear back from PBMS
  9. thats offensive haha
  10. I think we would all love to see this do a pull on the Dyno. we will all just pressure PBMS into giving us a demo of their work once we have a confirmed Date that would be good
  11. uhhh! I knew something was - lets try again How do we all feel about the 9th February? might be a n event heavy month? could do late Jan
  12. Hi All, @PBMS are kindly going to run a Dyno Day for ClubSUB.. and I hear they are even going to shout us a BBQ lunch! Event Date: 9th February 2019 @ 9AM Address: 159C Manukau Rd, Pukekohe Couple of options, Bring your car along and slap it on the dyno for a couple unmonitored power runs - $89 If you are keen to know a little more about the health of your current tune, get monitored power runs (AFR and knock) for $129 per car. PBMS will advise AFR readings and make recommendations based on them. To sign up Click Here and fill in your details. There are only 10 slots so get in quick! FB Link : https://www.facebook.com/events/312885812769504/ (which leads back here so you're not missing anything) ~ Joker was ere @Boxer4turbro @Dairusire @preim @Individualities @Andy_Mac @sobanoodle @McMatty
  13. uhhggg wish I could make this and cruise down with you all. Have an awesome time! keep the journey down safe and thrash that track like there is no tomorrow!
  14. Sorry to hear that mate. Our family has been on that same journey like many and I found that although its a S*** situation it brought everyone closer. Hoping for the best outcome for you and your Family. Regardless of If you make it or not I look forward to meeting you