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  1. you've not had the best of luck at ClubSub track events, you should be taking a trailer regardless
  2. Its like a City Tractor Pull
  3. Maybe we should all just tow car trailers down and give the broken Impreza's a lift home
  4. Haha the boosted Legacy has the upper hand no doubt, but it would be comical seeing a bunch of wagons battling it out.
  5. @ADIKT@JGM I'd consider going down and thrashing the auto Wago if I had some competition
  6. oddly, i did buy some whiteline adjustable arms... then i made a poor choice to tell the courier driver to leave it at my door. got home and gone, never could track down who pinched them. Since then iv not felt the need to shell out more $$ for them because i dont see the need. @ADIKT is sitting lower than most and seems to be sitting nice haha
  7. Looks so good! One of these days im going to drop mine so damn low. Trying to find legacy upper control arms at the moment.
  8. Currently I have no life and this is an old picture because iv not had time to even get out and about, wont have for another month or so.. but! I miss you lot and your lowered Outback pics. What are we all doing with our ultra practical, soccer mum attracting, grocery getter wagons these days? ps. Yes I know, the ass end of mine is sitting far too high. im sorry.it sits perfect with a trailer and dirt bikes on the back.. dont kick me out of this thread
  9. Its the middle of summer, hot dank days will sap power. Sure it appears there is more in it, but I personally think a safe 190kw at the wheels is pretty mint, alot of fun on the street and super spooly with a baby turbo. you have an awesome car, just drive the thing and enjoy it haha dont chase numbers 🤙
  10. These days you can get done for basically anything that looks shady, leave AKL and do it somewhere you aren't upsetting people and you are fine. Unnecessary exhibition of speed or acceleration is pretty common Sustained loss of traction - pretty easy to do even in an AWD Practice is good, although its cute watching people line up on a prepped track thinking they know how their car will respond. Seen a number of snapped axels and gearboxes that just say nope once they are punished on a sticky track.
  11. That's tow ball bolts. No doubt. Looks very similar to mine. they are pretty long and go down through some substantial meat. I cut out some of the plastic/foam boot liner for the bolt heads to seat into so it would sit flush again.
  12. Yeah I get that, and somewhat agree but for the sake of a yarn I thikn 4 pots would still be a good option dollar wise. 4 pots do tend to spread the load more evenly to each side of the rotor and also have larger pads so a little slower heat buildup. That and a little harder bite would hopefully result in less time on the brake pedal freaking out and more time flying through corners New rotors plus some second hand lame ass looking 2 pot calipers will set you back more than throwing on some 4 pots.
  13. Yeah the first thing I noticed with my Outback is how average the brakes were. The fact that they have the same brakes as the 3rd gen Legacy is crazy cause they weigh a bit more, like 250kg more i think? so it just seems like a bad idea to give it average brakes. Front Brembos bolt strait up and will stop you rather well I find. I've got Brembo rotors and endless pads and its worlds of difference.. Otherwise try some Subaru 4 Pots with good pads and rotors i reckon If you are on a bit of a budget go for Subaru 4pots as they will bolt on with your current OEM rotors.
  14. Looks awesome man So good that I had to drag it over to this page also