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  1. Yeah I get that, and somewhat agree but for the sake of a yarn I thikn 4 pots would still be a good option dollar wise. 4 pots do tend to spread the load more evenly to each side of the rotor and also have larger pads so a little slower heat buildup. That and a little harder bite would hopefully result in less time on the brake pedal freaking out and more time flying through corners New rotors plus some second hand lame ass looking 2 pot calipers will set you back more than throwing on some 4 pots.
  2. Yeah the first thing I noticed with my Outback is how average the brakes were. The fact that they have the same brakes as the 3rd gen Legacy is crazy cause they weigh a bit more, like 250kg more i think? so it just seems like a bad idea to give it average brakes. Front Brembos bolt strait up and will stop you rather well I find. I've got Brembo rotors and endless pads and its worlds of difference.. Otherwise try some Subaru 4 Pots with good pads and rotors i reckon If you are on a bit of a budget go for Subaru 4pots as they will bolt on with your current OEM rotors.
  3. Looks awesome man So good that I had to drag it over to this page also
  4. Just need to pick up some adapters and rotors... soo maybe a wee while
  5. Dropped her another 15mm front could come down a little more I think. just rubbing issues
  6. thread dredge Sooo, if one was getting a Link installed a manual conversion would be hardware alone? mention of keys and dash clusters having to be kept together scares me. I assume if someone had a Link installed they could hypothetically keep the auto cluster,loom and all associated immobilizer guff in its original state?
  7. 3L are all 5AT If you want to take one for a spin that is not a boat let me know
  8. @JGM Inspirational! love the mud flaps.
  9. I bent my exhaust up in that carpark turns out lowered Outbacks are better at leveling the gravel than climbing over it.
  10. Id rather not pass mine around the boys for cheeky test fits, Most knobs come with multi thread insert adapters as seen here
  11. I alternated between that D1 Knob and a Cobb delrin knob in my old car. Both couldn't be more different, D1 is heavy as, Cobb feather light. lightweight knob you can feel every groove and notch in the box. Weighted less so, preferred the weighted knob for smashing gears through but the Cobb knob felt better, looked better and did not heat up in the sun. I have that D1 knob in my auto Wago now actually haha, looks good on the auto shift stick with no booty
  12. IMHO I like the Raised Standard - Silver Centre - With the Zerosports trim you have on yours it holds a certain level of class. IMO Carbon fiber is only cool when its used for its purpose. Sure it looks "cool" but on a small center cap it looks cheap and tacky even if it is actual carbon and not cheap, it still holds the appearance of something unnecessary. That said, all options look clean, whatever you go for will look tidy, you always seem to tidy loose ends up . most people would roll capless and call it a day
  13. Its about time you started another build isn't it?
  14. Fair call I guess, on the BP its as simple as folding the rear seats down and popping the boot floor liner out though the old BE was much more frustrating Maybe the 04 is a little simpler?