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  1. Fair call I guess, on the BP its as simple as folding the rear seats down and popping the boot floor liner out though the old BE was much more frustrating Maybe the 04 is a little simpler?
  2. Really! I find that fascinating haha literally 3 things to loosen for the rears
  3. BP coilover install is pretty strait forward, If you set aside a half day to do it that should be ample depending on your experience etc. Biggest thing is to expect hiccups like a stuck lower strut bolt or something that might take a little more time than expected.. just take your time and enjoy it. Tools needed iirc 19mm socket 12 or 14mm? socket or ring spanner A breaker bar and/or 19mm ring spanner and a mallet. The way I would/did approach it was to start with the fronts as they are the most involved and move to the rear once you have sorted the front. With the Fronts they have a camber bolt so you can mark things up to help you out but when reassembling just set both camber bolts the same left/right and try have the top hats set similar too. just eyeball it and get it as close as possible, saves embarrassment later on when you head around to the wheel alignment As above; have a mate handy to help pull down or push up the control arms when removing and installing the strut. The rubber bushes due to having tension on them have a spring like characteristic and will want to neutral out at some point. so just take extra care when removing the lower strut bolts, especially the rears as they can jump up and slap you about real good if you are unfortunate enough to have your face in the way. loosen off the top 12mm bolts but dont take them all off until you are ready for the strut to fall out. Preferably hold it to stop it from dropping. Especially if you have forgotten to remove abs and brake line brackets Read this for more details: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/isc-coilover-review-and-install-137467.html
  4. @willisnz Have you considered getting your current 3L tuned? Is it an import or NZ new? My new import BPE is a dog on fuel, been talking with Tony at DTech to get it tuned for our fuel and altitude for efficient and health etc no number chasing "Yet". The thing to remember is the 3L 6 cylinder is a gorgeous engine to drive. don't sell it off just cause you want a turbo that will have arguably the same power. I have no knowledge on The S-gt but i assume it is like 140-150kw? similar to the 3L but the 3L has torque from the get go. I'm not saying the 3L is better and all you need to do is tune it, there are advantages to both. Just coming in with another opinion from someone thats had both.
  5. Naturally we need more information. TMIC or FMIC? I can only assume said pipe is back on haha. could be anything like MAF in backward or if its a pod adapter the pipe could be around the wrong way causing the MAF to be backwards Crank position sensor? Knock sensor? - I dont think this will cause a no start condition though. Injectors? Throttle body loom and associated plugs
  6. Manual conversion while you're at it
  7. We both clearly have impeccable taste, keen to get a shot together haha
  8. Nice pics, also down for a Wago meet
  9. Loving all the Gen 3 B4 BE content makes me miss mine.
  10. I've updated my first post cause it made no sense. Pretty sure a 32 will bolt on but as I said in my other post its not worth worrying about. the performance difference between a 27 and 32 is not enough to worry about. +1 Whats it doing, I question how they diagnosed it. usually there are clear signs as to whats gone wrong when a turbo is on its way out.
  11. This is the wrong thread to be throwing pics like that around haha
  12. Put 900km on her and realized two things. Wagons are rather practical, and this car is next level awesome! I mean I'm sorry but trashing up an Icy hill fully loaded with people and gear past all the muppets in their RWD ute's etc etc while looking like this, was just so bloody righteous. Love the Outback, could not be happier.
  13. Ok no time to read all that ^ Sorry for the late reply and if i end up saying something someone has already stated. Firstly, if you cant do the single conversion yourself Id suggest forgetting it. There is to much to iron out once its done which you can only really do over time imo. Re- Turbos. Just replace the Primary with the VF33. Don't worry about the secondary unless it has been diagnosed as bad. A secondary rarely die in these, I have a VF32 sitting on my bench that has 175,000 and its as new in regards to shaft play and throw. To my knowledge the only major difference between the VF32 secondary and 31 Primary Turbo is the exhaust housing the V32 has a slightly larger P18 and VF31 smaller P16. These housings are totally different, not only in size but also flange bolt pattern naturally because one is a primary one is a secondary so they are NOT swappable. But the CHRA is the same to my knowledge so you can make a frankenstein secondary with a 31 and an old 32. That being said, now that I have read what your needing that's all mostly useless information. Pretty positive you will have VF31 Primary “As you have already identified” And a VF27 secondary. I read somewhere that the vf27 is actually a better option for high power setups on the twins but as we are all well aware there is alot of conflicting information out there on the twins. Regardless the performance difference between the 32 and 27 are negligible so don't loose any sleep over it. I’d stick with the vf31/vf27 combo and work towards being single turbo in the future as you have said. To Summarize: Replace the Primary and keep driving.
  14. All good info, I already have Brembo's. Ample for street use.