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  1. It could be an o2 sensor on the way out or plugs? o2 sensors wont heat up as fast in the winter so it will be running in open loop for those first 5 mins of driving you described. At that point its probably super rich and thus bogging down. Good explanation as to what o2 sensors do and how they work: http://www.autotap.com/techlibrary/understanding_oxygen_sensors.asp
  2. Here is a blessing for your ears this morning.
  3. One from the weekend
  4. Thats what a turbo is... it chops up all that bees and nasties
  5. Are we old, or is it the fact that no bonnet in nz is a legal no go that whenever we see a car without one its just bogan and lazy?
  6. I watched this the other night, I like it alot. I just wish they would finish the job put a full exhaust on it and throw the bonnet back on. ohh and panda guards are so 2010 paint them white man!
  7. And then people say there is no noticeable difference between TMIC and FMIC soooo now what haha. To figure this all out, surely you need to take into account the whole journey the air goes on before going bang- intake mani plenum size, valve sizes and head intake ports etc. regardless it is interesting to think and talk about for sure. Probably not in this case but It makes me smile when alot of effort is put into something like perfect flowing intercooler and pipe setup and then the intake mani still has its TGVs in the plenums or there is an angry half kinked silicone 180deg bend coming off the comp housing.
  8. I've read many threads on this before, these two are good value. https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2399163 https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2648685 My 2c, I think at lower power levels like we are all dealing with 400kw- then its not a massive contestant in the game. As long as you are not going smaller than your turbo outlet things should be good. Smaller pipe is easier to work with and route through the engine bay. I went 2 hotside and 2.5 cold into a 2.75TB
  9. I went on the beach rather nervous, tow rope in boot just incase. That quickly faded and i was soon trashing about looking around in the hope of finding a stuck car to tow haha
  10. I'm actually so disappointed I didn't get out and get a clip of the gf thrashing around haha. A couple of lads were out on their dirt bikes power sliding around so we got in formation and tagged along. was a riot i'm not that low, but compared to Outback height its low i guess. I think a stock outback would be super impressive. mine was definitely dragging its belly around. the amount of sand I had to water blast out from under the car was horrific. Wont be doing it again thats for sure, need to get a beach hack
  11. I've done a terrible thing, never have I taken a car on the beach, but we were out Karioitahi Beach yesterday and couldn't resist the urge to try the Wago out on the sand. Unreal combination, AWD 3L torque, so many helis, she romped through the soft stuff just fine if you kept the wheels spinning . I was pleasantly surprised at how well it did, and now want to left it and make a off road version even more.. But she shall stay low for now. Not a chance id take it on the sand with the new coilovers, so i'm glad i got to thrash it on rooted suspension, the sand gets everywhere and is a nightmare on exposed parts like suspension I've given it a good clean ready for the new coilovers to go in this week sometime.
  12. I think Pete is a stud and looks better than Jeff? ever will