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  1. I'd say Race Shock Specialists were trying to offload some old stock maybe.. Those are some insane spring rates lol
  2. 18x9.5 is fine this chassis. A bit too wide for drag maybe but certainly good for track. With the Michelin ps4 range, its pretty hard to make the car slide lol. So much grip its insane. Very confidence inspiring! Ps, i do have a set for sale 😉
  3. Highly support that recommendation @Andy_Mac Seriously though, I have a fully built 2.5L block for sale that would drop in. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. Look at them goodies! Haha just need someone to buy my dam block!!
  5. Had a chat with RSS who get the MCA shocks in for us in NZ. He reckons they are a bit adverse to sway bars because it makes it harder for them to calculate the right spring rates for the application. Either way, the best approach for applying sway bars is getting the shocks first and then adding stiffness as fit. So should be fine. Options are: Race Primes: $2350 Street Ultimates: $2750 Race Reds: $2900 Keen to see what you guys think
  6. Gone +1 inch - 18x9.5 +38. I'd probably disagree to your point on width. If its setup well, you get oodles more grip. My car actually handles bloody well tbh. Ask @Gripless lol. Took him for spirited drive haha. Could only get better with a nicer set of coilovers. Just don't want to make a bad choice with sway bars. Check out Mark Jagers time attack setup. 11 inch wheels, 315s on the tyres... insane
  7. so was down at Speedhub again today, paying for the tyres i bought off em. Had really good yarn with Paul. The 800hp vantage rally car has, wait for it, a 30mm titanium rear sway bar, and a 27mm front one lol. 20k worth of actual strut on top of that. The springs are on the softer side apparently. That car rips at lead foot etc. But is a full race car. He reckons sway bars are the way to go with good suspension. Apparently MCA parts are made in China and assembled in Aus! Obviously made to spec. He reckons whiteline links and bars are decent enough, but not some of the bushings.
  8. @Omsin - please show me how to do this!! looks mint
  9. Finally returned @Dairusire's race suit that i hoarded for a year Going to go grab an NZKW one today. Layer 1 SFI 3-2A1 for about $220. Should be sweet yeah?
  10. I'm a tentative for meremere. pretty expensive for a drag day lol
  11. Think i agree with everyone's opinions here. From what i've research in parallel too is that the best way is to start with a good set of coilovers, and then keep adding 'stiffness' from there. You don't want to buy 22mm bars and then install nice coilovers to find the bars are way to stiff. That makes a lot of sense to me. What doesn't make sense is why MCA say to not even upgrade the stock bushes? That seems bizarre. Surely at least whiteline bushings, maybe endlinks with their coilovers would mean less slop and better handling?
  12. A few of us were discussing this topic on my build thread. Thought it would be good to get a thread up and generate more discussion on the topic. The main discussion point is some vendors say using stock sway bars and bushings with quality coilovers yields the best handling and comfort, while others oppose this saying upgraded bushings and sway bars along with coilovers are best. I've seen / heard of race winning cars running both scenarios and performing well which make it an even harder decision to make. Here is the response i got directly from MCA today: "For any vehicle that will be seeing track work we would recommend our Street Ultimates, Race Primes or Race Reds. The Street Performance and the Street essentials were never designed for track use. As for sway bars and bushes we strongly recommend factory sway bars and factory suspension arm bushes. Stiffening up a car for the track can be a good thing but there is a certain amount of suspension movement required for the suspension to function correctly and modifications like larger aftermarket sway bars and suspension arm bushes can really start to limit this movement quite significantly. Through all our years of testing we have found factory sway bars and bushes to offer better comfort on the street and more performance on the track when paired with a tailored suspension set up specifically for a car. Josh the owner of MCA still runs all stock sway bars, sway bar bushes, lower control arm bushes and all other bushes that play a role in the suspension functioning correctly. His 86 is currently the fastest 86 in Australia and possibly the world as far as we know. If you wanted the best combination of comfort and performance our Street Ultimate series might be the best possible option for you. I will not offer the same performance level as the race primes or race reds but is a custom valved and sprung product specifically for your use of the vehicle. It incorporates our latest Fusion valving technology along with a more powerful damper adjust which helps to give a good blend between comfort and performance for when the vehicle is being driven on the street. This series retails at $2750 including GST" Seems pretty clear cut! But... I spoke to Whiteline today as well and they basically said the opposite. From all the testing they've done on basically all the WRX (and other makes/models) generations, upgraded sway bars along with correctly matched coilover springs give you the best result. He did mention softer springs might be more suited with bigger sway bars. So. Post up your experiences and lets generate some discussion? Surely there has to be a best of both worlds scenario here
  13. Hey team. We are getting some really good prices from PBMS overall for parts and installation too. Last chance to get those parts orders in. About to confirm 4 so far on here. Anyone else keen on parts let me know
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