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  1. Yeah good point. @itsmitchlowe With the new fuel setup im hoping to push a little more boost top end. But it will probably be 26-28psi i'm thinking max
  2. @itsmitchlowe @boon last map before fueling issues had peak boost @30 psi and about 4000rpms
  3. @itsmitchlowe guessing no speed sensor? Thinking it might be wise for me to get one then
  4. Ohhhh right not so exciting hearing about the 7670 turbine wheel failing through lol. How did that happen? @SIRREX
  5. @Inked I was planning to spend as little as possible give my spending over the last year Thinking this, thanks @Dairusire Yei or nei??
  6. Do you own one @Dairusire
  7. I see there is a requirement for 100% cotton overalls or a race suit. Anyone got ideas suggestions that aren't going to break the bank?
  8. @A_J_T car is not ready yet Still waiting for the process west surge tank kit to arrive aye. So guttered
  9. Bloody awesome @SIRREX ! I managed 12.6 @250kw in the heavy GVB sedan complete with Sub lol Hoping to get low 11s with the new 350kw setup.
  10. @Joker could i possibly call dibs on that spare room!?
  11. @OhhMitchy @Dairusire @Kiwi_Fozze @A_J_T You know you want to
  12. Thanks @Joker Here is the event guys: Jump on and click attending! Once we have a few more on there I'll put up a poll so we can figure out best time for all, or a couple different times.
  13. I'll whip up a Facebook event for this soon, so we can confirm who's coming @Joker or does an admin need to create one under the actual Flat Nats event?
  14. @Gripless common mate. Just take half day Friday
  15. Probs earliest i'll do is a half day - so leave around 1pm? I'll most likely work from home. Am based in Papakura. Could meet at the Drury just after the Papakura station around 1pm if that works for everyone?