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  1. I've got a version 8 STI solenoid for sale if you needed one cheap.
  2. @BeastGRB dude just race man. We should line up aha. I still haven't decided if i'll be doing hard launches all day. Especially if I've got the new clutch installed by then lol
  3. Yeah man i was kind of joking haha. I'll be pretty happy if i get something in the 12 range. But have absolutely no idea how i'll do. I am at 255kw and 520nm at the wheels in a GRB sedan. Just gonna have some fun. A nice time will be a bonus really
  4. @delta neither this will be my first time. So i'm expecting to be throwing down low 12s every run
  5. Haha love it @StrokedEJ
  6. @StrokedEJ sounds good man, see you at the drags! I'll be in the dark grey GRB sedan
  7. @Pappu1 It is tuned man. Its a 2011 2.5L GRB. Apparently the launch control patch is a bit unsafe on the newer ECUs? I'm no expert. Also the previous owner blew a ringland with the launch control that was tuned in - apparently it cut fuel to hold the revs.
  8. Thanks @THUNDA Thankfully there are some pretty quiet back roads out where i live to practice a little. Unfortunately don't have launch control. Two questions: 1. What revs to hold at? I know its completely dependent on car and power curve etc. My peak torque is at 3700 rpm. So thinking launch at 5500 rpm? Does this need to be higher on the strip to account for the sticky track? 2. Once you've found the point just before where the clutch will engage, and the slack is pretty much taken out. Is it a full drop from that point at said revs? Or a somewhat controlled release?
  9. Oh man, that's getting me worried lol. Don't wanna break anything!
  10. @THUNDA yeah man for sure. I've already ordered the clutch, just not sure if I can get it in time and have it installed and run in in time lol. I'm crap scared about breaking things with repeated launches aye. Hopefully should be sweet. Apparently best way is to release the clutch a little until it's just starting to engage while holding revs, then drop the clutch? Takes the slack out of the system. Still need to try this in practice though
  11. Hey all. I'm going to head to night wars and put my car and driving to the test. Would be awesome to get a bunch of us down there. Starting up a thread to see who's keen to come along. If you have any tips / tricks, feel free to add them below Debating whether or not to run my very mildly slipping organic clutch or replace it before the event!?
  12. Trackday would be awesome! Definitely going to be hitting up the track this year
  13. I own a 2.5L 2011 STI Sedan. It blew a ringland with the previous owner at 85,000kms. Has had a rebuild now. I've owned a V8 previously and can say that this V11 is an amazing car. I absolutely love the sound of the 2.5L, and the stock handling is pretty dam awesome too. Not to mention how dam nice they look. From what i've read, the JDM ones are fine. But i'm no expert. Anyway, for the money i bought my car for, it definitely ticks all the boxes that makes me grin ear to ear, compared to other cars at a similar price point.
  14. Hooooooly crap.. that is the cleanest build i've ever seen. Wow! Awesome lunch time read! Thanks for sharing
  15. Hmmm sounding like a no go for spacers tbh. Maybe i'll just live with it