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  1. So I did a thing today and bought another project car. Thanks @Jono24! A few shots of her while i wait to board the Interislander.
  2. Most places i got prices from were like 1k aye.
  3. Yeap. Back ports need to be hooked together. Front ports go to catch can. I hate that my breathers plug back into the intake. Oil should not be going in there. Will be going with a AOS that doesn't plumb back into the intake for the next build.
  4. Process west intercooler kit going a begging if you decide on staying air intercooled
  5. Why don't you buy the full set of cams off @Gripless ? Should be cheaper than 550 +gst for sure..
  6. @Omsin nice work! What was the sound difference like afterwards?
  7. Replaced the breaking down filter in my AOS, and put a new O-ring in. Went for a blat and then my silicone turbo outlet hose blew off.. again.. The worst job to put back on, but got it done. With the AOS fixed, my AFRs are a lot leaner now, maybe 0.5 more lean compared to before. Anyone care to explain? My logic is: less oil getting burned, therefore leaner mixture (my tuner and I have been gradually taking fuel out in places over the last 6 months). Does more oil getting burned make AFR richer or leaner?
  8. I've got a V7 intercooler for sale yup. The clutch master is the original v5 though sorry, so can't help there. @blitzd808
  9. @Andy_Mac I was going to, unless i could sell the whole turbo setup - downpipe, uppipe and intake. Not sure how they'll fit in the leggy though bro
  10. It very well could be for sale @Andy_Mac!
  11. Let me just go pull a few notes off the money tree outside aye
  12. 7163 man. Will give you some room on tap with e85 for future, bigger power quests
  13. @Gripless He can't fit a 3" off the turbo - no space for now. But it expands to a 4" downpipe at about where the headers are
  14. That'll do it. Weld v-band flange on the 3" side and its Christmas. Thats off ebay. Surely will be some NZ variants floating around
  15. @boon yeah that'll be the challenge aye. Will try make 4" work lol