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  1. Went with the EFR7670 man
  2. These guys treated me real well. Plenty of good advice on parts and my build and really quick responses too. Gave me excellent pricing on mishimoto and Perrin products. Give em a shout if you're after branded quality parts
  3. Nick Chiew from North Shore Toyota gave me a real good deal on my turbo and bolt on bits. Basically beat everyone else's prices and some! Also gave great advice and was very helpful. Didn't even know they did performance parts but they do! Definitely hit them up if you're thinking of buying through normal channels.
  4. Yeah figured that would be the case @boon I think given I'm single scroll and 2.5L, the quicker spool is worth more than the extra 20hp, as can't rev to 8k anyways. Plus guessing he 7670 will be pricier. 330wkw will be plenty for sure! What do you reckon about the Watergate and BOV?
  5. Hey guys. If I'm going to run a single scroll twisted setup on a 2.5L 2011 STI, with: - Power goals of 350kw - Full boost by 3500rpms - Holds power to redline - 98 pump gas tune Which of the two aformentioned turbos would you go for? I'm personally leaning towards the 7163 from what I've read, but have no experience. Also concerned about the capabilities of the internal Watergate. Apparently you need to get a turbosmart twin port IWG to make it handle higher boost pressures on the STI? Also unsure about the BOV capabilities. Other than that, they look like amazing turbos! Hoping they will retain some of that street rapid power onset, over the steady increase too
  6. Ah nice! Was this the one that had been at Ajay's for a little while? Nice to see good power and looking immaculate!
  7. Alright so getting a pretty decent Auckland crew!? Should cruise down as well
  8. I am gonna do my best to get there! Any other Aucklanders heading down? @4G63B8 @BeastGRB
  9. Before i delve into google is it more a GC8 thing than the newer subys? @pedro
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but i don't understand how a car built and designed for aggressive road and rally can have major oil starvation issues? Surely when these were being built and tested on back roads / tracks etc they were pushed reasonably hard? Yeah for sure if you put a race driver with years of experience behind the wheel they will probably get the car at its limit and possibly bring up those issues with massive G forces. But for your amateur racer, is this something we really need to worry about? I'll be hitting the track too soon and my car is pretty well maintained. Just not sure what the definition of the limit is and if my driving will be totally fine on the track or not. I'd like to think i push my car pretty hard - if you're at point of almost sliding around the corner (RE003's) does that warrant adding in precautionary methods like overfilling etc? or am I ok? Sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense!
  11. Lol should have stated. Before tune is without cat back exhaust and uprated internal Wastegate. Also suspect the ECU pulled timing when the power run was done cos I had a faulty fuel pump in there at the time. @evowrx @pedro
  12. Thought i may as well add to this Model: 2011 WRX STI Sedan Displacement: 2500cc Mods: Forged rebuild, Invidia TBE, DW65c, ID1000s, AEM CAI, AEM water/meth injection, Perrin FPR, Turbosmart IWG75 (17psi spring) and GFB Mach 2 Turbo/Boost: Stock / 22psi Fuel: Gull force 10 ECU: Stock Tuner/dyno: Possum Bourne / rolling road Power: 254kw and ~520nm Just need bigger turbo and front mount now.
  13. Wow that is fascinating. Monstrous torque as well!
  14. I'm getting 19 to 17 psi progressively from 5000 to 6500rpm in a 2.5L v11 GRB. Using an uprated turbosmart internal wastegate with 2 springs adding to 17psi, which probably helps! @Gripless
  15. Area under the curve FTW. Quite literally