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  1. It really depends on what your car is tuned for. If you were tuned on fully 98 pump gas, it really shouldn't make much of a difference if its mobile or BP. Gull force 10 has 10% ethanol - ethanol has a cooling effect on the charge before combustion so a tuner (only when tuned on this fuel) can potentially push more timing and get a little more power out of this fuel. Its the same principle as e85. You're not going to notice a whole lot at lower power levels on E10, but the gains will be larger the higher up you go. Putting Gull force 10 in a BP98 tuned will make it run less ideally and vice versa - im guessing this is where the conflicting opinions come about. Key is (from my experience), getting you vehicle tuned for a certain type of fuel and sticking with it.
  2. I'll be there! Dark grey GVB STI
  3. I looked up the cost, as was thinking about doing it as well. Pretty crazy tbh, didn't expect it to be that much at all. For $700 to just coat headers, i ruled it out very quickly
  4. Hahaha dude that would be hilarious and painful at the same time
  5. That's ridiculous lol. Is it front wheel drive? Must be time to buy the wife a new car
  6. @Dre haha yes. Live and learn don't we..
  7. I ran Falken FK 452s on my Legnum VR4. Were 19 inch wheels and tyres were 225/19/35. That combo with bilstein shocks was sheer brilliance. Handled like it was on rails. Did wear out pretty quick though. May have only got like 10k on em. My version 8 STI came with re003s. They were a 215/17/45 if I remember correctly. Handling was amazing. Very very predictable and responsive. Had so much confidence driving with them on. Wheels were Westport forged 17s I think. Then switched to Rota 18x9s on Michellin Pilot Sport 3s 225/18/40. I personally found that combo a bit weird. Couldn't really feel the road as well, wasn't as predictable and didn't have a lot of confidence at the limit. The current 2011 STI has re003s in a 245/18/40 config (if I remember correctly). Feels great and predictable again. Lots of options and opinions with this one aye! Going off my experience I'd recommend re003s. Thats just me though
  8. This! Would love to know as well.
  9. If there were thought out, researched and detailed plans behind these decisions that made sense. Then awesome, we could read and back that based on evidence and proper planning / foresight. What seems to happen (and this could just be the media as well, since that's all we see day in and day out), is decisions made without a lot of thought. Like the oil exploration.. Yes, oil will eventually run out, that doesn't mean you go cold turkey and don't find every last drop on our shores just to appear 'clean and green'. Thats like saying i'm sitting above a pot of gold but not going to dig it up because i want maintain a certain image of sustainability. Not the greatest analogy but you get the point. Should have been a proposal about how they were going to reduce oil consumption by XXXX year, and how they would transition out the use of existing NZ oil supplies after exhausting our natural resources. That would have been smarter business. Back to the fuel topic - I guess its just the feeling of being ripped off by all the players in the game. I'm taking the numbers shown online with a grain of salt. Businesses always have smart ways of hiding there profit margins. Still think their profit margins are pretty higher and monopolized by BP etc. as well. We heard how much profit they stated they made and it was something ludicrous (100s of millions). Z quote off stuff business - 'Petrol giant Z Energy defends industry competition as it announces a $263m profit'. 2016 BP new quote 'The New Zealand division of British Petroleum, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies, lifted annual profit 15 per cent in 2016 to $147 million'. Government regulation should be standard for this commodity. What would be great to see is how the 'other taxes' are spent by the government. Not just - roading, ACC, etc etc. But dollars against all the categories claimed it goes to. Easy to throw items on there to validate the tax, but what would really tell the true story, is how much the government earned from the 'other tax' per year, and how much was actually spent on the categories they state it goes to.
  10. @IZichard Literally read the stuff article 5 mins after posting my comment haha doh Did the checker thing and came up reasonably close! These are the actual costs (apparently) based on 200c. Fuel itself: 58c GST: 26c Other taxes: 66c Shipping: 4c Margin: 46c so tax makes up nearly 50% of the total value.. And margin is nearly the same price as the fuel itself.. Sigh
  11. I just really need to rant for a second sorry lol. This is one thing that really pissed me off about labours decision. How can you just increase (tax) the cost of fuel without properly working out the flow on effects to the cost of living. Its always the hard working middle class that will get shafted with this kind of thing. Example: Usual family has at least 2 cars they run. Take a 50L tank on each, and take the 22 cent increase in petrol price. Most people fill up once a week. 52 weeks in a year so: 52 x 0.22 x 2 x 50 = $1144 per year per average 2 car family! That's not even considering the cost of living increases as a result. What pisses me off even more is that other industries will choose to use this as an excuse to increase prices further (just the way the world works), which makes it much worse and even more unregulated. I can't believe they haven't thought about or published this kind of stuff. The icing on the cake is that the latest report shows the government has so much surplus cash as well, inherited from a well setup previous government of course.. Oh and let's not start about the under $400 import tax as well... Let's just tax the living sh#% out of everything.. Rant over.. lol But in all honesty, it would be amazing if someone could work out and breakdown where and to whom each cent per L goes.
  12. Nice work guys!!
  13. Thats a fantastic idea @Andy_Mac Need to try at the next drag day. Hopefully it doesn't fly off
  14. Thanks guys. Really interesting discussion. So i was gonna go 2.75'' cold side (same as TB and intercooler outlet). Hotside i'm not sure though, as turbo outlet is 2" and intercooler inlet is 2.75". Feel like 2" piping might be too small for my power level - maybe step to 2.25" or 2.5" straight from the turbo?
  15. According to thermodynamics, air contracts or becomes more dense as it becomes cooler. The particles move closer together when cold, and further apart when hot. That's the confusing part, because then the cold pipes should also be small to keep velocity up. Although that is not the only factor as mentioned above, i think the 'more air available cold side' is a factor but don't understand exactly why. Smaller pipes should mean greater pressure and greater velocity (pressure = force / area)