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  1. Balls. Gonna need a big jerry can looks like..
  2. Hey guys, I'm driving up from Christchurch to Picton in a couple weeks (7th October), and guessing i can't use the Kaikoura route. Looks like there's no BP 98 stations on the inland route. Anyone know of Mobil Stations selling 98 on route linked above? Haven't had much luck with the Mobil website
  3. Thanks guys, this has been really helpful! So the bottom line is i may be able to get my hands on a 2011 sedan GVB STI for maybe 30k ish (im hoping under if a miracle happens). Pretty confident i can sell my car for a good price, dealer offered me 21k, so hopefully should be able to get 23k ish if i sell it myself. Is it worth it? Considering the mods and performance i have out of my 2003 STI? The GVB will be pretty much stock apart from exhaust i think. Also a side question, does anyone know what turbo is in the JDM 2011 GVB?
  4. so chassis on the GVB (2011) is similar to GD? Only improvements are to the VAB?
  5. Really!? 8 Years apart and no changes. Maybe going for the JDM 2.0L. Wonder the engine will be as strong as my version 8 sti? Things i've noticed compared to USDM No visible cruise control or steering wheel buttons (wonder if i can get one installed) Apparently no proper sound system or GPS etc No speakers adjacent to mirror. Still JDM ftw right? @BeastGRB
  6. Any idea what the engine components / turbo is like for the 2011 JDM STI? After doing more research pretty sure it is a EJ207 as well. @evowrx
  7. Question for those that know about the GVBs. What engine does the 2011 STI sedan (JDM) have? Still the EJ207 semi forged etc? I'm not very learned on this subject
  8. Just a word of caution. You cant install the 3-port without a tune. Its a completely different way of setting up boost on our cars. Stock there is a boost pill and a 2 port solenoid system. Quite different wastegate table settings when tuning.. Also if you want a before and after dyno chart, you'll have to run your standard 2-port on the dyno first. Food for thought
  9. Im in two minds about the whole thing. Realistically if i sell it, i wont be able to get something newer that has been as well maintained and modded and tuned etc. So maybe i should just save for the turbo upgrade.. lol I took the car for a drive around the Hunua gorge after the service and it felt amazing. Might have made me change my mind. I still haven't tracked it yet. Will aim to try get down to Puke soon. Also checked out a 37k GRB (imported) and it drove like balls. Prolly needed some work done to it, but still. We spend a lot of money getting our cars mint then sell it.. Probably a waste. A positive was they offered 21k for my car (dealer price). So could probably squeeze a bit more off the trademe's Bottom line - still haven't decided. Once I've saved like 5k, i'll decide whether to keep her or upgrade.
  10. Some good info there @BeastGRB thanks What do you guys think about the sedan 2012 GRB?
  11. @A_J_T Your legacy is so sweet dude! @Andy_Mac Yeah the GRBs are an interesting breed. I hated the hatch when it first came out, but have seen a few tidy examples that have made me kinda like em! Appreciate the house deposit dude, by some miracle and crawling through glass we got on the market 3 years ago - hence the no cash to do anything now haha @Batbaruman yeah i catch the train to work too, but am perfectly happy with the rex being a weekend warrior When i think about how much will be needed realistically to get it 280kw fast - prolly 10k. Im pretty close to value of an RS4, which i've been dreaming about lol. 2007 sedan roughly 40k for a tidy second hand one.
  12. I've been loosely thinking about selling my car for a few months now. Car in question: 2003 WRX STI @ 138kms - BC Gold coilovers - Rota P1Rs 18x9 wrapped with Michellen Pilot Sport 3s - Whiteline rear sway bar, endinks and bushings all round - Full 3 inch TBE with downpipe and adrenalin r exhaust tip - Exedy HD clutch - Mac 3 port - GFB recirc BOV - Stock 3 part gauge cluster (oil temp, boost and oil pressure) - Tuned by Chris / Dtech (at the time) to 220kw and 440nm at the wheels. Maybe looking for around 22k. As weird as it sounds, i feel like i've gotten over the car now! Done most of what i wanted to get done to the car. Guess im looking for something quicker. Would love to do turbo and the works but just dont have the funds for that. Have very mixed thoughts on the matter so would love some of you're feedback. - The car has been meticulously cared for, so should i just keep it and save the pennies for more power way down the line? - What else can 22-24k buy me that will be quicker and be a solid great car in comparison? - Been thinking about the new GRBs, maybe even the hatch with unequal length setup - the 2.5l versions? Thoughts?
  13. Not exactly here on a quest for the best engine oil. Rather want to know the difference between generic and well know oil brands on a type of product. So I am sticking with 5w40 or 10w40 (which ever is available) fully synthetic oil for my 2003 WRX STI (has done 138k kms). No bones about viscosity or synthetic or not. My question is if i bought the exact same oil type (10w40 and fully synthetic) from a well know trusted brand like Motul 8100 X-cess, compared to a generic brand imported and stored in barrels by a car service centre, which one is better? - Is there any difference at all given they are both fully synthetic 10w40, just different brands? - Will one perform better than the other? - Is it worth spending extra on a well know trusted brand? Apologies if i'm flogging a dead horse.
  14. @Conducks $10 a week is pretty dam amazing!
  15. Hahaha these comments are gold