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  1. Hampton downs would be an amazing track to get on, if at all possible
  2. If you are getting the car tuned, then 100% gull force 10. Factory tune - BP98 Don't think the lines etc get affected much, unless you don't drive the car for like a year.
  3. Ask a reputable tuner as well like maybe @PBMS or @Tony from Dtech, they might be able to help. If you aren't tuned for gull force 10, i would personally run BP98. If you were going to get it tuned, then definitely on gull force 10, you'll get a tad more power with added knock resistance. You definitely won't be as economic on force 10 vs BP98 on factory tune. Not even sure if factory tunes account for 10% ethanol, so i'd argue you won't be performing optimally ether. I'm no expert though.
  4. Anyone planning on heading to this? I'll be there
  5. Hey guys. Whom have you found in Auckland to be exceptional with their panel and paint work? I know GT refinishers are good. After someone that is really good at plastic welding to fix some bits with my front bumper, and add on some dark plastic to cover off a few cms near the intercooler end tanks. Also need the usual respray of the bumper itself. Any other suggestions?
  6. Yeah this topic is quite confusing. So many mixed opinions. My Perrin AOS has its breather plumbed into the intake which confuses me as oil can go back into the intake and into the turbo. I get heaps of black soot out of exhaust every time i do cold start now. Not sure if cos of aos plumbing or just forged motor build. But yeah, would have thought you would not want oil vapours going back into the intake
  7. Haha fair enough. Cheers guys
  8. I still haven't got mine done, as the car has been out of action for most of this year. Only booking i could get at wingers was for mid Jan next year. How unsafe is it running around with them in there in this summer heat?
  9. @Andy_Mac na man you can buy it. I need money haha. Just need to grow a pair and figure out removing it from my car
  10. Team, appears there aren't many club peeps cruising down from Auckland? I'm going to join the PBMS convoy which will be leaving Puke around 4pm Friday i believe.
  11. Yeah good point. @itsmitchlowe With the new fuel setup im hoping to push a little more boost top end. But it will probably be 26-28psi i'm thinking max
  12. @itsmitchlowe @boon last map before fueling issues had peak boost @30 psi and about 4000rpms
  13. @itsmitchlowe guessing no speed sensor? Thinking it might be wise for me to get one then