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  1. Haven't researched it myself, but would be awesome to see some actual results based comparisons aye. ID stuff is sooooooooooooooo expensive.
  2. I'm dying to hit up Hamptons if at all possible!? Taupo would be cool too
  3. +1 for getting it tuned, My old version 8 when i bought it did exactly the same. Had an exhaust but no tune and it constantly overboosted. As @boon said, new panel filter, 3-port, fuel pump for good measure and proper dyno tune. Car will be a street animal. Sure @PBMS will be able to do something for you if you say you're from clubsub and do the lot with them
  4. @BattleSnayke yeah bro pretty much aye!
  5. @pl0x mine munched about 3 fuel pumps. Didn't have as many issues on idle i don't think. Idle is actually a bit funky now with the surge tank setup. But not a biggie. I think the complexity about modifying the stock cradle is to do with not messing up the venturi that draws fuel from the other side of the tank. Not sure how you solve that when hacking away at it. If you have a solution for that, then hack it up and always keep the tank full - cheap fix
  6. Nice! Yeah go for it bro @1randomkiwi
  7. Such an awesome day! Thanks @A_J_T for organising and @PBMS for hosting us - legends!
  8. Haha oh man Albany is a tad far from Papakura
  9. Was looking forward to meeting ya @RaKid Peer pressure is on
  10. Thinking go with this aye. https://www.racetech.co.nz/shop/seats/RT1000-motorsport-seats Reckon?
  11. Shot thanks team. The racetechs do look very nice. Just need figure out how to get em installed now
  12. @sobanoodle i'm clearly showing my lack of knowledge on the subject here hahaha Guess by hardcore racecar seat i mean uncomfortable to drive in the weekends, and 6 point hardness etc.. lol
  13. Cheers guys! Definitely more inclined to get a fixed back one. How do the rails work? Do you need to find a subaru specific one that works for each brand? Or will any of those sparco / racetech seats fit into my current rails?
  14. haha yeah for sure @sobanoodle Have sat in a the GRB recaro. Its pretty good! Ideally want a little more bucket than that if possible?
  15. Hey guys. At my last track day, I was flying all around my factory seat in my GVB 2011 STI Sedan. Cornering was hard, trying to stop myself from sliding away plus focusing on driving lol. Have you guys got a any recommendations for a good bucket seat? I know nothing in this area yet. Good / bad brands etc. Not after a hardcore racecar life seat. After one that is still comfortable and adjustable, but still keeps you nicely locked in on a track day. If such even exists?