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  1. Sorry to see and hear what happened @McMatty . Glad everyone is ok man. Hoping insurance sorts you out bro
  2. Ce28n so dam nice. Or mark v looks nice too if you dont like dish
  3. What actually!? So you can get a set for retail aus price here in nz without having to pay for shipping and customs from overseas!?
  4. Following this thread with keen interest!
  5. Yeaaaaahp free plug if you want it, is available
  6. I dunno aye. I hate the Kiwami's lol. Not sure what people see in them. Guess that's why we all get different wheels though aye, taste. IMO, figure out what function you want out of them - race, street roller etc. If they are just for cruising around then they don't need to be light. But a light set of wheels, albeit pricier, make a big difference with less unsprung weight. My new wheels are 1 inch wider, and running 265s vs 245s, and weight only went up 200g per wheel.
  7. Fitment wise i think you'd have a better time with like a +40 to +45 offset (not sure about inner clearance though). When i first put my wheels on, they stuck out just over a cm from the front guard lol. Running the lower camber bolt at max, and coilovers are set on zero. Lots of guard rolling to make it fit (if you want to run a lower setup). But yeah, couldn't be happier with these Rays gramlights! They are.. wait for it.. extremely light!
  8. That is freaking mental! Just look at that monstrous wall of torque! 😮 Epic work @gotasuby !
  9. Unfortunately i bought it before they became dealers aye, so paid way more through another company. will be able to sort for ya at their dealer rates now.
  10. Invidia downpipe and Q300 catback exhaust sounded sick on my car: Best of both worlds IMO. Not insanely loud, just right. When you're on it, sounds fabulous.
  11. I use and Escort Passport 9500ix. It's pretty good, but I've been driving past heaps of cops lately without the ka band going off. Not sure if they don't have their radar on or if they have new radar that can't be detected. It picks up laser pretty well too.
  12. Is there anyway to recover any of the text? I chose a great day to update two separate garage threads.. lol. It did take ages though. Is it all completely gone?
  13. Haven't researched it myself, but would be awesome to see some actual results based comparisons aye. ID stuff is sooooooooooooooo expensive.
  14. I'm dying to hit up Hamptons if at all possible!? Taupo would be cool too
  15. +1 for getting it tuned, My old version 8 when i bought it did exactly the same. Had an exhaust but no tune and it constantly overboosted. As @boon said, new panel filter, 3-port, fuel pump for good measure and proper dyno tune. Car will be a street animal. Sure @PBMS will be able to do something for you if you say you're from clubsub and do the lot with them