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  1. @Gripless He can't fit a 3" off the turbo - no space for now. But it expands to a 4" downpipe at about where the headers are
  2. That'll do it. Weld v-band flange on the 3" side and its Christmas. Thats off ebay. Surely will be some NZ variants floating around
  3. @boon yeah that'll be the challenge aye. Will try make 4" work lol
  4. Basically. I read somewhere in the original post that the best match would be 1.5 times your turbine wheel diameter. So for me its 70mm turbine x 1.5 = 105mm or 4.1" So ELI5 - Get the largest possible downpipe you can fit in there F1 cars basically run no exhaust - turbo outlet is the exhaust. That would be the best you can get. So for our street cars, just largest possible downpipe.
  5. Yeah man. Think i'll do full 4" to my current 3" downpipe with a taper when i eventually upgrade turbos.
  6. Most likely. If i understood correctly form the article, even though the turbine outlet is 3" you will still get big gains from increasing the diameter of the downpipe. The larger cross sectional area of the downpipe means the highly turbulent air post turbine has more room and length to sort itself out, as apposed to being jammed through a 3" the whole way. This reduces back pressure and should increase spool and power. The dyno figures to back it on his post are just nuts.
  7. This read blew my mind a little. Basically talks about how a larger diameter downpipe can give massive improvements to spool and power. Hopefully you can access the link below. Great afternoon tea read!
  8. What we looking at here @Andy_Mac for the uneducated?
  9. Sorry to see and hear what happened @McMatty . Glad everyone is ok man. Hoping insurance sorts you out bro
  10. Ce28n so dam nice. Or mark v looks nice too if you dont like dish
  11. What actually!? So you can get a set for retail aus price here in nz without having to pay for shipping and customs from overseas!?
  12. Following this thread with keen interest!
  13. Yeaaaaahp free plug if you want it, is available