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  1. This is far more efficient - great idea
  2. Hmm, OK cheers! So I think what should happen here is @Andy_Mac should purchase both the S257 and the EFR 7670 and back to back test them for us. Then we can figure out how many $ per reduced RPM spool time the EFR is worth 🤣
  3. On the Full Race site they list the S257 as same wheels as the EFR "57mm Forged-Milled EFR7670 compressor wheel, optimized aerodynamics" and "Inconel 70mm turbine wheel, same blade shape as EFR7670" but then the EFR7670 says "BW utilizes their 70mm Gamma-Ti turbine wheel" so I don't know if they are different or the same? Don't mean to hijack your thread @Andy_Mac 😅
  4. Nice man - I ordered same bits and skipped the bolts and washers at that price haha. I have same sump too and it just came with the cork gasket - I'm sure they'd make you one up.
  5. Haha nice one! I think PBMS do a cork sump gasket - I haven't had mine leak yet so that could be a go. Genuine gaskets are similar price I believe but the bolts and bolt washers are hugely expensive.
  6. Such good value R&D plus the BOV, BCS and IWG - but more than double the price 😅 Could run a secondary oil cooler just for the turbo maybe?
  7. This is my understanding too.
  8. If it's a 2.5L maybe the Borgwarner S200SX-E could be an option? There are two variants available on NZ Performance and the one is basically the EFR 7670 w/o the BOV and stuff - the compressor housing even has the speed port machining done if you wanted to use it. There's a good write up on Full Race about them and they are more than half the price of the EFR series equivalent. Plus, you can purchase the turbine housing of your preference from NZ Performance too for a few hundred bucks. Sorry for not complying with the existing selections haha! PS: The 200SX-E is even more compact that the EFR series too
  9. Honestly, just pull a cover and save yourself the hassle of getting it wrong. Even Winger couldn't tell me what gasket I needed when I gave them my plate number so it's easier to just take it in and match it.
  10. +1 for above comment. You can also purchase complete engine gasket kits from a range of suppliers. Depends what you want to replace though
  11. I have a set in Auckland second hand
  12. Is there monthly meet happening tonight?
  13. Can you just compare the pin-puts of a v1-2 Link and a V7 Link from the Link website? Wouldn't that give you all the info you need?
  14. OK - how about a lift kit for a '94 Suzuki Escudo?
  15. Can I get a price on servicing GD shocks? The inverted type ones.
  16. Chuck some photos up if you have some please Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  17. This looks bad-ass. I'm very limited with the logs on my G4 - do you know if I can purchase or make something like this to have infinite log storage? Photos!
  18. Awesome bro that's really good to hear and glad I could help Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  19. Ok so then you should be find to remove the tee and patch it directly to the vacuum source then I figure. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  20. Damn that is loud. Glad it's fixed though.
  21. You can get bolt on OEM remanufactured stuff on TradeMe too depending on what cc you want.
  22. Brown sensor by boost control solenoid (BCS) is connected to the MAP sensor so I've always called this the pre-MAP sensor but not sure on its actual name. Either way, it needs a vacuum source so it needs to be plumbed to the manifold (port doesn't matter). I've had a look at your photo and if you compare it to my last photo you can see the tee to the right of the 6. It's plumbed into the manifold too.
  23. At an even higher level, like most things in life, mismanaged expectations and poor communication are the fundamentals to satisfaction in general. In my own experiences, I always clarify the price, or expected price range for a piece of work whether its planned or unplanned, for anything and everything. For a more relatable example, when my car was with Tony for the fuel system fitting and tune, my P/S pump started to leak. As expected, Tony called me, quoted me a price range to pull and diagnose the pump. Didn't promise me anything about the resolution or price of it but in the end diagnosis was a bad o-ring, so to replace it was a couple bucks more as the pump was already apart. Whilst the additional cost was unplanned, the management of the problem through to resolution met my expectations for a professional and experienced outfit. Furthermore, this was all detailed to a high degree on my invoice and reflected the phone and email conversations we'd had. In other examples, when outfits don't meet my expectations, I simply don't use them again. I vote with my wallet and that way I find outfits that do align with and agree to my expectations.
  24. Nice to catch up with a few familiar faces again!