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  1. You need to tap into the nc terminals of 4 pin switch. One goes to ign power other goes to the ecu pin for nc brake switch. You will need a ecu terminal as its blank. Service manual has the pin needed in the diagram.
  2. Factory had 2 pin plug. Had to rewire with 4 pin plug to work
  3. Jus t did that conversion last week on a a 06 sti tuned legacy. Works well
  4. I've been talking to Chris from prestige about the canbus when he was down using my dyno. He has cracked the temp gauge and wheel speeds but still getting an error on dash for high speed can. Customer who owns car is not bothered by it. My link in car has no errors as retains factory ecu but one day would like to fully replace.
  5. All 3l bp are 5at. All 2.5 n/a bp are 4eat. Doesn't matter which market they are from. All turbo are 5eat
  6. Pm me your email address and I can send you an invoice for them
  7. Are you sure yours is currently not vtd? . Can you get a photo of your tail housing? Or hoist vehicle and put in neutral and see if the rears spin if you stop front. Most bp out backs are already vtd
  8. The last lot I made were cheaper but now being a company and all I had to get them engineered so they could pass cert and pay gst etc. Unfortunately if it was a get some made and sell them without declaring profit then gst wouldn't be a problem
  9. $299 incl gst for the pair
  10. Clean the throttle body and perform a throttle relearn
  11. Technically it will need cert yes, but we have seen them on a number of cars that do not have cert plus they are black to decrease visability. These have also been developed by us to fit both Subaru 2 pots and Brembo 2 pots, and won't vibrate on the backing plate of gen 3/4 Legacys as a lot of other adapters do.
  12. We have made some adaptors designed and made here in nz. Will get some photos up soon for you. And can get the hand brake issue sorted. There are 2 options. Either conversion rear brake discs or modified shoes
  13. Get vtd trans. Remove centre diff. Weld up. Remove front shafts and fit stubs. Done
  14. Big fan of this vehicle. It's a tidy gc8 with v7 drive train. Mods being simple for power. Forged 2l motor with standard v7 sti heads. Sti twin scroll with vf36. Factory v7 sti top mount and g4 running the show with flex fuel to e85. Id1000 injectors which are maxed out with a dw200 pump. Custom built SAS intake and exhaust. This is what I call value for money power. 228wkw on 98 and 275wkw on ethanol. I think that's about the most you can get out of a factory top mount and turbo haha.
  15. Remove the boot carpet the day before to speed up process
  16. Will find out cost as in production at the moment
  17. You can get the plates for 700 dollars each side. And have to prove to subaru that up own a s401 or s402. Hard work I know. Just get adaptors. We making some at the moment perfect for what you want.
  18. If possible next time unplug injector on the cyl that are not running to stop bore wash. Otherwise yes you can damage the cyl surface
  19. Good road tune is far superior to an e tune as anyone who is any good at road tunes will have seperate knock listening gear and a seperate wideband which will give more info to tuner and can rectify issues quicker should they arise.
  20. Buy a new v7 sti shorty. Best value for money
  21. Oh no. SST transmission. They are terrible. Copy of dsg that cut lots of corners. Same trans as Ford focus
  22. A vf25 is primary auto bh model, a vf26 is primary bh manual model. And vf27 is secondary turbo. And a vf32 is more than capable being exchanged with vf27 but a vf25 or 26 will not bolt on secondary side
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