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  1. You may be best to buy a cheap one or a shell. There's one in Dunedin atm for $800. So less than the cost of a cert.
  2. Yup, have bought a few sets of tyres from them, pretty good value. Just remember they rack on $49 or so per tyre for install and disposal.
  3. I'd say you'd still pass, it's something huge like 700g or something, which is super easy to pass. His MPS was tuned, and ran crazy rich, and flew through, nowhere near the limit, and he has no cats at all.
  4. Not quite right either actually, you can still pass a WOF with no cat, as long as you pass an emissions test too, which is an extra cost. A friend 'failed' a wof on no cats in his MPS, but elected to do an emissions test, and passed. So he just hands over a copy of the test with his WOF to pass now. We were surprised he passed, but it's actually a very lax test, so even with an aftermarket turbo and everything massively modified, he still gets WOFs.
  5. Yeah we had the pump fail on our last STI, so definitely removing on this one. TGVs I've heard can help flow, but probably not so much at this power leve.
  6. Same actually. We're going to do the air pump delete, and maybe a TGV delete beforehand, although not sure if the TGV delete is really necessary..
  7. Sold my Falcon yesterday, quite excited about that! Bought it almost 2 years ago for $6990, sold yesterday for $6500, not bad... And the STI has a new down-pipe from PBMS sitting beside it, and awaiting arrival of a new fuel pump, and ProcessWest intake, then just need to organise a tune and get it all installed.
  8. Hey all, looking to order the timing gear from partsouq, it lists the timing belt as 'US Spec'. Does anyone know the part number for one for a 20G? This is the part number listed in paratsouq 13160AA060
  9. Haven't found any so far! Still going through all my old stuff though.
  10. Especially BC Legacy's. I wanted a BC road car to replace my BC rally car, but the prices are so ridiculous now.. hence ending up with the GF8. I shouldn't have sold my RA, that thing is an easy 10K plus now..
  11. I'll take a look, I did have a possum link at one point, but might've gotten rid of it already. Will try remember to have a look on Sunday and let you know!
  12. If I remember on Sunday I'll take a look in my spares. Up until a month or so ago I ran a BC Legacy rally car, and no have a v2 WRX, so I have a bunch of misc parts between them, I'll try compare biuts and see if I've actually got any intake setups...
  13. Finally got a couple of mates around to the workshop last night and fixed the hoist. Which meant I could finally look under the WRX, and man has this car been neglected. It looks as if nothing's ever been touched under here before. I grabbed the tie rods and was able to twist them side to side with just two fingers, so I'm glad I ordered new ones and new ball joints. This will all look totally different once I replace it with all the new bushings and cleaned/paints arms etc. Rear LSD felt alright, but the centre diff seems extremely weak, If I spun the fronts, the rears wouldn't spin, not surprising since that's optn. When I spun a rear, the other would spin, but not even one front would. My spare box/diff wasn't like this, and you'd spin one rear and both rear plus one front would spin. So may swap it over to my spare setup out of the rally car. Excuse the messy workshop, it's slowly getting tidied up as I get rid of old parts.
  14. We've ordered the PBMS one, awaiting delivery for it now, but won't be getting installed until we go for a tune.
  15. haha it does! Just trying to work out how best to record it!
  16. No worries, I'll see what I can sort, checked my videos but sadly I don't think I can find any more, so will try record some
  17. That's exactly what we did, R400, and no other mods, it's running happily, and has been for over a year.
  18. Here we go, here's just after we installed the R400:
  19. It was literally the easiest exhaust ever to install, think it took 10 minutes? haha. it's a little loud, but not too bad, although I think once the cat-less down pipe goes on, we'll probably need to put a resonator in. Looks great, sounds great, and hasn't been any issue! I'll see if I can find a video I took...
  20. Not as of yet sadly, haven't had a chance to get a good scanner on it
  21. Another Southern local! We're up in Dunedin, with a 2011 STI, We had it on the dyno when we first got it, and I think it was 190wKW.. We've since thrown on an Nvidia R400, and are awaiting delivery of a PBMS Cat-less down pipe. Hoping for 225wKW, with the down pipe, exhaust, a new fuel pump (DW65c will be installed), and probably just a high-flow filter. Tuner wise we haven't decided yet, either APET, or maybe Rapid In Timaru, haven't decided yet! I've had my rally car tuned a few times at APET, with no issues so far.
  22. Could try sucking on the I/C end of the hose and trying to pull the water through that way?
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