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DIY Spark plug


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Ok this for the people that do not know how to do their own spark plug changes

this does not have airbox removal in it as I have a pod filter

This took me around 40mins going slow and taking pictures :D

Tools that I used:



small extender(do not know how long it is but most socket kits have this)

16mm spark plug socket

10mm socket

12mm spanner

10mm spanner

flat head screw driver

Drivers Side


Ok start by removing the air intake

for pod filter peoples like me.. should just be unplug afm undo 1 clamp and then you can remove. As for airbox people, I am not to sure as have never seen a airbox in a subaru yet(and im not joking)


once that is done you can start working at removing the coils/unplug your leads..

I am coils on plug (or what ever it is called) so I will show this method.


you will need your 12mm spanner..


Ok now the trick is that with most of these is mainly you only need to crack it and it will be able to be undone by hand..

also do not remove the bolt completely, just undo it so its out of the engine but still into the coil. Reason why I say this is because on some subarus you can not get the bolt out on all the coils.


Once you have undone both of the coils give them a wiggle to get them out.

Now it is time to start getting to work on the spark plugs.. put your extension and your 16mm socket together.. feed it into the hole and turn it a little to make sure it is locked onto the plug.


get your wrench and undo the spark plug. Same with these as the coils, just crack them and they will be able to be undone by hand.


I do one side at a time.. so take out the other one, change the spark plugs and reverse the process of this.

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Passenger Side


Ok start by removing the water tank(name?)

This is 2 10mm bolts that hold it up and then at the bottom of it there is 1 plug and also a hose. Also might pay to try and empty it first as it will spill!!


Then remove the battery.. Mine had a clamp with 2 10mm nuts on rods

Also remove the negative and the positive :D


Now you can move onto the coils(this side is a bit more wankey as the wires.

same again with the 12mm wrench


the back coil will be a bit of a bitch to get to but don't stress about it. It can still be done without having to jack the engine up, just take it out on a angle(this is main spot were the bolt will have to be in the coil or else you will not be able to take it out)


now you can move onto the sparks on this side. Same goes as drivers side but again the back one will be a bit wankey but DO NOT STRESS. Just take it easy and do it slow or you will probably drop your tools :P


Get your socket wrench in there and start cracking :P

Also try and get a semi comfortable place for your hand when undoing the back spark plug as you will most likely get cramp like me.

switch your plugs... put them back in. I do not know the specs you are meant to tighten to but my rule of thumb is just do it so its tight but not to tight that it feels like something is going to break.

TIP #1

For some people it might be good to mark where each coil goes as I know it can cause problems if the coils are not going back in the correct spot.

TIP #2

When putting the coils back in you will need to mess about at trying to get the coil back in properly. It should just slide into place if done correctly, do not force it.

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Guest boostcut

you refer to a wrench and a socket wrench... are you amuricaan or what.... that is a spanner and a 3/8 ratchet from the south of the bombays as far as im aware...

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 boostcut said:

you refer to a wrench and a socket wrench... are you amuricaan or what.... that is a spanner and a 3/8 ratchet from the south of the bombays as far as im aware...

don't dis what i call my tools hurr

i had a mind freeze and got put on the spot!!

and yes some of my tools do need a update!

edit: changed to satisfy!!

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