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Toyo Proxes 4 or T1R

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Ok, so we've ascertained that they grip well, are pretty progressive and in fact when pushed seem to bounce back and just keep gripping.

I'd be very interested to know how they are on rough chip as that is my biggest bugbear although apathy is starting to set in re changing tyres to try them out and then having to sell one set.

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My 2c ;D.

Just bought some T1Rs for my BH leggy, and all I can say is they are awesome. Have bought two fronts and will get the rears in the next week or so (can't afford to buy them all at once).

Going round a roundabout in the wet today, the front was gripping with the new T1Rs and my old Toyos on the back were letting go...back of the car was starting to get twitchy like a Silivia 8) ::)

+1 for the T1Rs.

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 T.Rev said:

From experience they do take a good 1000kms to bed in well so dont get too excited on them when they are new. :)

100% agree with that

i thought they were rubbish when i just had them put on and was thinking ''why did i get them''!!

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Just got my new T1Rs on. The difference between the old and new ones is immense...crossing the kerb to my house is a joy....and the road noise has diminished. And of course once I get past 1000-1500kms I will stick like glue to the road wet or dry. Old ones will hopefully go to someone who wants to slip slide around off road on a sealed surface..in for sale and trademe soon. Great rubber...

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