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Toyo Proxes 4 or T1R


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Hi all!

So the Dunlops are finally worn out so I can justify changing them out (really didn't like the DZ101's).

So I've been ringing around getting advice today. I was going to put on a set of Falken FK452's but have been warned that they're quite noisy and since I do a fair bit of open road touring that isn't an attractive trait!

I know a lot of you guys run the T1R's. I'm a little wary of them though as they share the V shaped pattern of the Goodyear GSD3's which I found to tramline a lot and be pretty noisy.

I've had a couple of places suggest fitting the Proxes 4. Looking at the spec sheet and reviews they seem fairly similiar in performance to the T1R's so I'm having trouble deciding which way to go.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

I need to replace the Dunlops ASAP as they've done their dash.

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I've gone with T1R's personally over the years, never had issues but like anything on hear. What one person loves another hates, personally I rate them as a good bang for buck tyre. But then again I've never been fussed with road noise due to my loud exhaust and the other variables which cancel out noise from the tyres.

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have owned both personaly.. dont know about the above commenters

Proxes 4 seems to last longer, not quite as good performance but lasts really well, these seem to be really quiet as well.

T1R is the opposite.. better performance but lasts less than the proxes 4.

Running the Proxes 4 on the street atm, and they go well. They get shredded to buggery on the track tho, but i have 888's for that now.

T1R would probably do better if you wanted track and road use tyre.

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T1R is a much better tyre than the Proxes 4.

One of the great all-rounders; good performance, good life, reasonable price.

V tread pattern doesn't really affect tramlining.

That's caused more by a combination of tyre width, car setup and bad roads (eg. high crowns).

What the V tread and corresponding large void area does affect is straightline stability and performance when the tread heats up.

Not recommended for trackwork unless you are Mr T.Rev, he's the ONLY guy I've ever seen go really fast on T1Rs.


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I'm replacing my worn Potenza GIII's (talking about tramlining, they're shocking!) With Proxes 4. Was going to go T1R, but i travel 100-150km a day, so i need something that has a reasonable wear rate.

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Tramlining is not understeer.

Understeer is when the front fails to follow the path dictated by the steering input and runs wide.

Tramlining is when a car is thrown off course by contours in the road surface.

In NZ a common example is a car "falling off the camber" when driving on roads with a high crown.

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I would choose RE001's over T1R's.

The Toyo's would have price in there favor but would not last as long as the RE001's.

As far as Performance is concerned, i can't make an absolute estimate, i have driven on T1R's and was mildly impressed but have yet to try RE001's i am aware they have won MOTOR magazine Tyre of the year recently.

But i have supported Bridgestone whenever my wallet can manage it.

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Guest keltik

Proxes 4's are shit. I have been totally and utterly dissapointed with mine.

Same story as Funky - after one track day theyve been shredded. My old Roadstones went through 3 track days and 25,000kms. These proxes 4 have got big lumps missing already

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What did you expect ?

Proxes 4 are a road tyre, pure and simple.


You should see my T1Rs after that trackday, no chunks missing but lots of melted blobs of rubber.

+1 on BS Adrenalin RE001 if the budget can stand it.

Won't outlast the Toyos though.

The RE001 has a UTQG of 200.

T1R 280

Proxes 4 300

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Would rather another set of RE01-R's UTQG = 140

I say that the RE001's would outlast the T1R's due to the fact with both being made with performance in mind and in that sense some of us would have the car set up (geometry wise) fairly aggressively, the RE001's shoulder pattern/design compensates for wear and negative camber, the T1R's by comparison are not an up to date design.

I've not owned either until dead so i concede.

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I'd rather have another set of RE-01R's too !

I got over a year's use out of my used set, including 2-3 trackdays.


However they appear to be discontinued for export markets and even in Japan they are on run-out with a greatly reduced range of sizes.



In the US they have been replaced by the new RE-11, which looks like it's from the same family as the RE001.


Not sure I agree with your assessment of the RE001.

It was designed more as a tuning tyre (in US parlance), for looks and wide compatibility, with less focus on performance than say the RE-01R or RE070.

Having said that, maybe the RE001 uses a different compound across the tread to compensate for the asymmetrical tread pattern and wear etc ?

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Keltik, that doesn't sound good!

Since it is unlikely my car will see the track and I do a lot of open road touring at the moment, I'm going with the Proxes 4 this week. I'm heading down country this weekend so they'll get run in pretty quickly!

I probably would have gone with the T1R's but I'm told the Proxes 4 are quieter and for road conditions are almost as grippy as the T1R's. After my experience with the GSD3's I'm not a fan of that style of tread pattern either.

If I decide to do a track day, I can always pick up a set of rims and put something track oriented on them ;)

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No more 17" RE-01R's.... My set i bought off the Local Firestone for $250 for a 1/2 worn set, the previous owner changed to a set of Firehawk's ???

The RE11's look like a slightly less cut RE001, do you know if we will get them here?

If i can afford them I'd like to try a set of 215/40/17 RE070's but at this stage i might have to chuck on something 2nd hand.

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RE-01R to Firehawk ?



Probably won't see the RE11 as the RE-01R was never officially imported either.

Funny thing is the RE-01R is available in Oz, where they are promoted as a drift tyre.


215/40-17 RE070's were on the BS NZ pricelist once upon a time.

There was a new set on TardMe about a year ago but I"ve never seen them IRL.

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The number stamped on the tyre is the section width (sidewall-to-sidewall, unstressed) so maybe those other numbers are the width of the tyre when mounted on a rim ?

BS don't say on their webpage.

Edit; probably correct as Toyo also list varying actual tyre widths when measured on a specified rim width.

$220 is a great price for RE001.

Lots of folks are selling T1R's at that price.

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