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2pots to my sti

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you need some v7/8 WRX rear hubs. OR the adapter plates.

AFAIK the standard v3-6 sti you have is r160 so this is why you need WRX not STI hubs. v7/8 WRX hubs fortunately are still r160 but have the correct spacing for 2pot rears :) )

The adapter plates bolt up to your factory hubs.

either way you obviously want the 2pot rears + the rotors. your factory brake lines bolt up :)

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so my factory rotors arnt the same size either?

we tryed the 2 pots on a 93 wrx ra and they were the same as mine, he has a 94 wrx with ver7 running gear so were unsure wat i need

also what do 2pots usually sell for? these look mint sort of a dark grey colour

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so looks like if i do go ahead with this ill need new rotors to match also

do i need to adjust anything else or is it rather basic to swap ie- brake adapters,new larger disc's and 2pots??

cheers for the info

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