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tactrix not working????


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Can you log okay or are you just struggling to read the rom? To read the rom you need the jumper block connected (different from the green test connectors.)

Here are the steps I gave to someone else to set up RomRaider and EcuFlash for logging

How to get it all working, this is for windows xp, if you have 7 the only difference should be in instead of c:\Programfiles it will be c:\programfiles(x86). There might be small other differences to do with the driver set up but this should be a solid base.

1. Download RomRaider from https://www.assembla.com/spaces/romraider/documents/caPaLG2Fur4zCDacwqjQYw/download/caPaLG2Fur4zCDacwqjQYw

2. Download RomRaider logger definitions from


3. Make sure you have the latest version of java (x86) even if you have a 64 bit computer


4. Download ecu flash


5. Download ecu flash definitions from


6. Extract both the logger definitions and the ecu flash definitions from their respective zipped folder and put them in a convenient place for later.

7. Run the downloaded RomRaider install file, (accept the terms and keep clicking next until install is complete)

8. Open RomRaider logger, (make sure logger is opened and not ecu editor), push no when first warning box comes up, and then push okay and no until the program opens.

9. Click settings, ‘logger definition location’, browse to the file called logger.xml that you extracted from the zipped folder earlier. Push ok and then exit out of RomRaider.

10. Run the downloaded EcuFlash install file, (accept terms and push next until program is installed.)

11. At the end of the install a window will open regarding the Openport1.3 drivers, this is fine just push next, then accept and then continue anyway, you have to do the drivers part twice. Close out of the installer once all is done.

12. Copy the folder called ‘Subaru’ that you extracted from the zipped folder before and paste it into the location C://Programfiles/openECU/EcuFlash/rommetadata, then click yes to all when the computer asks you about overwriting the current folder.

Time to hop in your car

13. Plug Tactrix into obd-2 port and the other end into your usb, you should get a found new hardware message, click no not this time when it asks if you want to connect to the internet to look for drivers. Keep pushing next until driver starts installing. Click finish and then restart your computer. Also unplug the tactrix from the computer.

14. Once your pc has restarted plug the usb back into the computer, make sure your immobilizer is off and your key is off and open up ecu flash, the option to ‘Read from ecu’s flash memory’ should now be able to be selected!

You will need to buy a jumper block in order to download your rom but logging should work on romraider.

My car (V7 STI) uses the 2003-2005 jumper block I think this is down to the US having different years to us but I ordered a 2001-2002 jumper block and it didn’t come close to fitting so an 03-05 is what you want. Buy that from here: http://www.evoscan.com/evoscan-gps-obdii-cables/details/25/1/performance-vehicle-pc-diagnostic-interfaces/evoscan-2003-2005-subaru-wrx-reflash-connector

(NZ based company you should have it by Friday or Monday.)

Also don’t worry about the warning message that pops up when you start the logger, that only affects the dyno feature of RomRaider which you probably will not be using.

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learning view doesn\'t connect, heres the log:

[22:48:05.9745031] Learning View version 1.0 RC3

[22:48:08.3806408] PassThruOpen returned 0 and DeviceID 1

[22:48:08.3816408] PassThruReadVersion returned 0

[22:48:08.3816408] Device firmware version: 1.12.3681

[22:48:08.3816408] DLL version: 1.00.3147 Sep 3 2010 00:17:29

[22:48:08.3826409] API version: 04.04

[22:48:08.3866411] PassThruConnect returned 0 and ChannelID 3

[22:48:08.3906413] PassThruStartMsgFilter returned 0

[22:48:08.4006419] ECU Init

[22:48:08.4326437] PassThruWriteMsgs returned 0

[22:48:08.4336438] WRITE 6 bytes: 80 10 F0 01 BF 40

[22:48:10.4377584] PassThruReadMsgs returned 9

[22:48:10.4407586] PassThruGetLastError returned 9, Message: fewer messages were read than requested before timeout

[22:48:12.8108941] A read error has occured: PassThru Error

[22:48:12.8238949] PassThruDisconnect returned 0

[22:48:12.8278951] PassThruClose returned 0

ecuflash gives me the following:

[22:52:06.316] J2534 API Version: 04.04

[22:52:06.316] J2534 DLL Version: 1.00.3147 Sep 3 2010 00:11:07

[22:52:06.316] Device Firmware Version: 1.12.3681

[22:52:06.316] Device Serial Number: TA2H78GW

[22:52:09.906] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start

[22:52:10.220] writing kernel area addr: 020000 len: 0664

[22:52:12.139] kernel get version

[22:52:12.357] readback fail

[22:52:12.357] reading kernel comm buffer size

[22:52:12.367] readback mismatch

[22:52:12.568] reading kernel flash buffer size

[22:52:12.779] readback fail

[22:52:12.779] interface close

[22:52:12.795] interface close

or this:

[22:51:49.549] J2534 API Version: 04.04

[22:51:49.549] J2534 DLL Version: 1.00.3147 Sep 3 2010 00:11:07

[22:51:49.549] Device Firmware Version: 1.12.3681

[22:51:49.549] Device Serial Number: TA2H78GW

[22:51:53.997] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start

[22:51:54.311] readback fail

[22:51:55.240] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start

[22:51:56.478] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start

[22:51:57.716] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start

[22:51:58.024] readback fail

[22:51:58.953] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start

[22:51:59.365] kernel get version

[22:51:59.675] interface close

[22:51:59.682] interface close

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 kwi_fozze said:

Yep, cleared out all my java installs totally, then reinstalled just the 32 bit version. Might need to dig out my eeepc, reinstall windows xp on it and use that... Fecking tiny laptop it is too lol

small enough to mount to your dash for an epic gauge set up?
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HAHA!!!!! FIXED THE F**KER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

turns out, if you uninstall everything, then reinstall everything, it makes diagnosing a bit quicker....

also, the cable doesn\'t like being plugged into a usb3.0 port. it runs just a touch too fast, and the program keeps dropping the ball.

usb2.0, fresh installs of everything, and it\'s happy. finally!!!!

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