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BG5 Pads and Rotors Help!

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Hi guys, am looking at brake pads for my 98 TS-R....

I am prepared to change these myself, however am unsure as to the condition of the rotors, Not sure when they were last skimmed or replaced but don\'t want to replace the pads then find I need new ones...

phoned a few companies, pit stop, midas etc and they were charging $300 to replace my front pads which seemed ridiculous - what\'s a fair price for new pads, fitment and then on top of that new rotors or skimming?

At this stage will probably go to Highbrook as they were great with my cambelt last year. cheers

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Don\'t pay anyone to change your pads or rotors, it is one of the most basic services on your car.

If you do a bit of a youtube search I\'m sure you\'ll find a few how to guides.

Go to your local repco and buy a set of front and rear TRW vented rotors (I can\'t remember the exact size, but measure your current ones) and as you\'re not on a track or doing much heavy driving I\'d suggest a basic set of TRW pads too. Be sure to change your brake fluid while you\'re at it, use a dot4 fluid

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Cheers for all the info guys, I\'ve sourced all the parts I need.

I had a look back through all the records and don\'t see any mention of the rotors being replaced....

It\'s a 98, so is there anyway I can visibly (or some other way) see if the rotors need to be changed?

I also have a clunking noise from my suspension (when I added weight to the boot slowly it suddenly dropped a long way) I presume this is the sticky grease/butter grease thing and I can take the struts out when I do the brakes and regrease them?

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