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sway bar end linkage?

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tried to search but couldnt find anything.

Recently have had a knocking noise from my front left while braking. have had a look and all I can see that may be causing it is the linkage (Im not exactly sure this name is right). question is is this something I can change myself. If so can anyone direct me on the correct way to change it. Thanks.

found this picture and its exactly how mine looks.


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dog bone drop link :)

and yup looks flogged as.

changing it is very simple, looks like 14mm spanner and ratchet, jack the car up, undo both ends and replace.

put the car on a axle stand, then use your jack to the a arm up or down to line it back up to put the new one in, youl see when you have a crack - the sway bar will have a little tension on it from the other side.

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 kamineko said:

as long as both wheels are at an even height, the tension is manageable

i usually buy from autolign, something like $45 for a pair. why install a mostly bothered 2nd hand one?

+1 or subaruspeed $50 the pair of nolathane.

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Ive sent emails to the mentioned shops. will wait for replys and post prices they want. worth doing the pair at the same time? Would like to get and install tomorrow if possible so will wait for the local outlets to get back to me otherwise I\'ll swing you a message foz -thanks guys.

Also called sway bar link correct?

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