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Products being a Deatschwerks Dw200 (example)?

Services being SAS in Chch and how awesome of a mechanic he is?

I asked because this I'm not clever and this forum has popped up with no real definition.

E.g. The Product and Services forum is here for those who wish to post their experience both positive or negative on a particular product or service. Unless stated or clear objectives and results give, reviews are purely subjective and to help users in their search for information on products and services etc etc..

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As tite states share reviews of products and services obviously not being in off topic means car related. If you wish to present it as a laboratory report all cool if you wish to share you bought product x from y for $z and trade went well that also cool. No need to be all proper about it. Obviously its opinion or fact but if its downright stoopid/uncivil itll be deleted as per any other moderated board.

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