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Suspension - what fits what

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I don't think there is a thread to provide answers of what suspension fits what model cars, out of different models, so I'll start with one I just saw. Please only put something in here that you know is 100% legit.

If there is another thread, then I've missed it.. oops!

Mods, please sticky this into the Mega FAQ thread - http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/showthread.php?46299-ClubSub-Technical-MEGA-FAQ-*Beta*

Suspension from a BD Legacy, fits into a BC Legacy, with a swap of the rear tophats.

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10 hours ago, Joker said:


ditto : "only" suspension info I can see is this one https://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/topic/35142-v3-gf8-sti-suspension-into-an-sf/

might take a but more searching ❤️ 

Actually I think Paul Started this thread to get it going eh 

Hmmm for some reason I remember there being a list of swappable Subaru suspension bits on here already completed- I might need to start saving gen 1 legacy info on physical printed paper before I get too old 😆


all sorted now anyway I ended up using measurements to cross reference so I’ll add to the list



GC8 Front Shocks (complete) fit BC5 chassis (BUT)


only physical difference is on the GC8 the springs taper to a smaller diameter at the top so the spring top hat (not the top rubber bush mount that connects to the strut tower) is different to the bc5 

This is an important note for anyone wanting to lower a BC5 without getting adjustables as I was able to source brand new shock absorbers which happen to be the same as GC8 ones anyway (just the lower part) and top mounts but I could only find GC8 lowering springs so I had to buy a set of old GC8 complete shocks so I could salvage the top hats to create a complete shock that fit back into the BC5 chassis


aa for the rears I think I’ll just leave them for now  as it’s already got “saggy bum” 😆

man I hope this forum stays alive as there is important info on here - can I donate to help keep it going ? I tried to do it on the site but it won’t let me 


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3 hours ago, THUNDA said:

I might need to start saving gen 1 legacy info on physical printed paper before I get too old 😆


we've got 3k in the CS Bank to cover Forum Costs & its been steady for about 5 years now with Google Adverts turned on and the odd Subscriber : @ClubSUB.org.nz isn't going anywhere ❤️


but yep if its a Wagon ya want a bit more in the Rear & "most" up to V6? fits / is the same? : changing ya top hats?


gen 3 leggy "Only" the fronts are Similar (they changed the rear Design & used way shorter shocks?

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4 hours ago, newsuba said:

Does the GC8 switch to inverted dampers affect what will fit in a BC5 ?

does the GC8 have inverted dampers? The GC8 shock absorber part (lower part of the suspension) looks identical to the BC5 shock absorber. The only physical difference is the top hat for the spring. - this is for the front of the car - I havnt done rears


anyway finished the fronts today and for some reason it ended up waaaay too low in the front haha, I used James springs which was ment to be for a 40mm drop - but it has dropped it closed to 60-65mm arggg, I might just put the stock springs into the new shocks I wanted to avoid coil overs so I didn’t need a cert now I’m going to end up spending the same amount on another set of springs 😆

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5 hours ago, newsuba said:

Depends on the age/model GC8.

STI version 4 on used inverted dampers.

Not sure about regular GC8 or WRX.

What car did your GC8 dampers come off ?

60-65mm drop - yikes



Oh yo I didn’t know that, I’m not too clued up with the “sti” stuff, the struts were out of a 95 gc8 wrx, so yeah incase anyone is referring to this info in the future, and you are looking for gc8 struts that fit in a bc5 - if you have normal shocks match them with early non sti wrx normal shocks🤙💯


I think what went wrong with the super lowering is that because I could only get springs for a gc8 (couldn’t find any manufacturer that does bc5 springs) and the bc5 is heavier than a gc8 that’ll be why it went super super low, im going to try the stock gc8 springs in The new shocks on the weekend, definitely need it half way in between what it was and what it is now 😅

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