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Dunedin Meet 'n' greet


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Hey Dunedin people. whos keen for a meet up? would be good to see some Subie action in the great southern city.

I'm Down from Wednesday this week till Wednesday next week. Any ideas?

Back in the day we used to meet at the Edgar center carpark on a Friday night... but im open to suggestions. 


Heck I'm only a visitor to Dunedin these days!

We used to have quite a crew in Dunners back in the day...

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17 minutes ago, RAYDEO said:

name a day then mate.

any of these nights work for me, Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday/Monday/tuesday

but I'm not the only person here, so if another day suits everybody else then I'll have to catch up next time :)

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On 10/13/2016 at 9:13 PM, bigDnz said:

Monday then? 

Monday is do-able


4 hours ago, Gt30Buck said:

Raymond how many Dunedin members are on Clubsub? Just wondering. 

 At least 15 active ip addresses from the Otago region

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