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Hi guys


What Christchurch car clubs to you belong to and for what type of events.

I am looking for a cub that will cover as much of the type of events I would like to do,

The idea is the car will stay road legal, but would like to do a mix of events such as hill climbs,autocross/gymkhana, track days.

There a a few clubs I've been looking at:






Ive never been involved in motorsport before so would like to find out what club/s that would be best to get started in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Personally, go along to each of their events and see what you prefer.

Once you've joined an MSNZ club, you can go to any other club's events, but just can't get points in their seasons without being a member, (unless it's an inter-club event).
So find a club with the most events you'd enter and joint there first. Then if you enjoy another one as well, get a membership to both.

Personally I'm a member of Otago Sports Car Club, but considering joining Eastern Southland as well.





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It seems to be each club has its own specialties, so I think I will do what you were saying, theres a couple of events coming up so will try to pop along and have a chat. Not worried about points at this stage, so competing in other clubs events is not a worry.

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Yeah just go along and have a chat/enter an event or two. 

For club basic events, I believe you can do two events without a membership, so autoXs etc, enter a couple, see if you enjoy it then decide if you want to put money into it.

If you're wanting to enter club advanced events, I believe that's when you'll need a Motorsports license and a fire extinguisher. 


But one step at a time :)

motorsports license requires you to be a club member already, so take that step first obviously.


If you're wanting to go down that route, there's tonnes of information on the motorsports NZ website, and you can create an account here to record your club membership and/or apply for the licenses, it also lists upcoming events etc, also has a load of resources that are quite helpful.


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I did notice a couple of them said you could enter a couple before becoming a member, so will give that a go to start with.

Getting the license and extinguisher will be a bit further down the track. Just wanting to get into a few events to get some car control skills, so was thinking the autocross/gymkana ones would be a good start.

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Clubsport licence is only really required for track 'racing' most of the time you can even get a day licence if you want to have a race with someone, sinlge car sprints generally dont require any sort of licence, even a drivers licence is optional (In the exception IF you have lost it due to an Alcohol related incident you will/ shouldnot be allowed to compete)

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