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Can a 4AET be RWD'ed? (no) 5EAT YES! (in theory) Lets do this!


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bit of dreaming & a facebook post got me going


Gabe Cornman Just cut the Duty C wire in the TCU harness or at the trans and the transfer clutch will be 100% applied. I don't know how long it'll work like this, but it will work. Make sure you install CV stubs in the front wheel bearings.


if its been covered then yeah interested to learn


as I know the basics & that an Auto is 90% FWD & FWD fused etc so ther'll be good reasons why you cant, buy what would it take other than gutting the trans or 5MT swapping but thats missing the point



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15 hours ago, DRFVDR said:

WHY ? 


puhuhuhu TRIGGERED


but yea, plentiful & under $500 cars these days worth a skid if its simple enough


so no not worth it in something you'd want to be seen in & This is why VVV lol


12 minutes ago, ADIKT said:



/ asking for a friend



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In this episode of dirtcheapdaily, Aaron starts taking apart the Outback 4eat he picked up for free! This is just part 1, but Aaron goes over how to convert an auto trans to RWD just like he did with the Legacy GT a couple years ago. Yes there's a lot of talking at the end of the video. Skip it if you don't care.


and I was curious to what he was plaing with and I think someone spotted it




Hey is this a "VTD" center diff? Same that would be found in a 5 AT Legacy GT


which confirms comment made above


the External Oil filters is the second clue no?

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  • Joker changed the title to Can a 4AET be RWD'ed? (no) 5EAT YES! (in theory) Lets do this!

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