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Fixed back seats into a V7 STI


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Hi all,

I am looking to buy a set of fixed back bucket seats before i hit the track. I am a bit to small to fill out the STI seats. 


Does anyone know what happens with the airbag sensor? I know if I unplug it it'll throw the light on the dash. Is there anyway to get past this ? 



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4 minutes ago, evowrx said:

Dude there is a cheaper option than fixed back buckies...eat lots of pies.

But then I'll have to upgrade my wheelchair cause I won't fit that either hahaha it's a catch 22 but I'll decide whether the pies or seats are best by the end of this discussion :P

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21 minutes ago, Pappu1 said:

there are no airbags in the v7/8/9 sti seats so nothing to worry there

 I thought they had the plug underneath the seat that if you unplug it throws the light on the dash?


if they don't then that is amazing and I am a noob ha ha

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44 minutes ago, Inked said:

plug underneath the seat


That's the pre tensioner for the Seatbelt Stalk


who's purpose is to fire a small charge to pull the seatbelt tight in the event of an accident


which you may run into issues with belts.... actually working as in keeping you in the seat depending on the style of seat or remaining legal maybe?

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Ahh right! I am looking at the Race tech RT1000 seats as they are bang for buck but still FIA and comfy for road trips if wanted.


They do have a mount for the standard seat belt however I am unsure if they will bolt straight to the standard rails with the side mounts or not. Might have to make a small bracket.

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4 minutes ago, pedro said:


Good choice..One of these is on my wish/want list..


I sat in them at the shop the other day and they are really nice! everyone is on the Bride buzz but I would rather support a NZ company.


I am a bit worried about mounting them though. hoping I can get away with mounting them on stock rails

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